Want to play as an All-Rounder? Read our Pokemon Unite All-Rounder Guide which has some of the best tips and tricks for you.

There are several types of Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite, each with its own set of powers, perks, and other abilities. Many players prefer to have an attacker Pokemon so that they can just go forward attack and win the battles. On the other hand, some choose to improve their defense, so they go for a good defender Pokemon. 

However, If you want to play every role, for example, you want to attack, support your team, and defend as well, then the best option for you is an All-rounder Pokemon. We have brought you the Pokemon Unite All-Rounder Guide that will tell you how this type of Pokemon can be beneficial to you. 

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Pokemon Unite All-Rounder Guide: Offensive and Defensive

The best part of the all-rounder Pokemon is that they are offensive and defensive together. They can go to the offensive side and help push lanes with the attackers. They can also go defensive side and help push lanes with the defenders. 

Pokemon Unite All-Rounder Guide: Secondary Pokemon

The all-rounder Pokemon can work as a secondary Pokemon. For example, if you lose your attacker Pokemon or do not have a strong one, the all-rounder can replace it as it is the only best option available for you. Although it might not be as strong as the original attacker, it can fill up some space. The same thing goes with the defender Pokemon. This is the reason that the all-rounder Pokemon works as a secondary Pokemon.

Focus on wild Pokemon

The focus for every all-rounder Pokemon should be to knock out the wild Pokemon first and gain as much XP as possible. This will help you to unlock all the abilities that you want so that you can go in any lane to attack or defend.

Pokemon unite All-rounder gameplay
All-rounder gameplay (YouTube)
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Look out for your team

PokΓ©mon Unite is always about watching your team, but for both Supporters and All-Rounders it’s a vital part of the game. As a dual role player, you can fill in the gaps in your team’s strategy by bouncing around from battle to battle depending on the situation.

Key to win

The All-Rounder is extremely effective in diving Pokemon in the backlines and bursting them. Attackers and Supporters will probably be positioned behind the rest of their team, so start with them. The key to winning team fights and securing objectives is to take out an enemy’s damage dealer or support first.

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Avoid fighting with ranged Pokemon

Pokemon that are out of reach of All-Rounders will be very difficult to fight, although they are capable of taking a beating. In order to get rid of All-Rounders before they get too close, attackers can use their ranged attacks and moves. Engaging ranged Pokemon is highly discouraged, especially in the early game, and particularly if you don’t have assistance from a teammate.

All-rounder gameplay
All-rounder gameplay (YouTube)

Know your strength 

You may want to choose an Attacker-style build if you have a better Offense than Endurance. The defensive stats will still be valuable, but it’s not necessary to fit it into a build that it isn’t suited for. A lot of flexibility can be found in All-Rounders, but it’s important to make sure they are still used correctly. If the defensive skills are good then use them more as a defender. If the attacking stats are good, then use it as an attacker.

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Pokemon Unite All-Rounder Guide: Best Pokemon


With Stomp and Trop Kick, Tsareena’s ability to sustain, move and survive makes her the perfect All-Rounder. During times of battle and combat, it can sustain itself while dealing significant damage to enemies. Additionally, its Unite Move, Queen Ascendant, can guarantee a kill.

Pokemon Unite Tsareena
Pokemon Unite Tsareena (Pokemon.com)
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Machamp’s stats aside from Support are impressive. In close range, they’re a deadly force because they avoid debuffs and boost movement speed. A combination of Machamp’s innate Offense and a Muscle Band will ensure your dominance in any round. Every match should begin with a few minutes in the middle lane. You become powerful enough to assist in the top or bottom lanes once you become Machoke. 

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