Pokemon Unite Attacker Guide – Tips and Tricks

We have brought you the Pokemon Unite Attacker guide with some of the best tips and tricks. We have also mentioned a few Pokemon that you can use.

If you’re a Pokemon enthusiast, you’ll like this game. Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer game that you can play in an online arena. Two teams of five players compete in the match. You must win all of your battles by using the greatest Pokemon in your possession. 

Because the battles are timed, the side with the highest score at the end of the battle will win. When your opponent surrenders, you will win. In a nutshell, it’s a fun action game that’ll take you back to your childhood days of watching Pokemon battles. Are you confused about which Pokemon to use? Here is the Pokemon Unite Attacker guide with some tips and tricks.

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Pokemon Unite Attacker Guide: Do not go one on one

We recommend that you stay in close contact with your teammates. This will be really advantageous to you. Attackers usually come up with a defender or sometimes an all-rounder too. These Pokemon take the damage while you attack them from a safe distance. It will help you take out Pokemon more rapidly if you have a strong attack. Strong attacks always help you. Just keep in mind that one-on-one fights should be avoided.

Pokemon Unite Attacker Guide: DPS

Attackers’ major attraction could be their impressive DPS output. However, it’s not that easy to use them. The DPS is not that good in other categories. As we already told you, avoid close-range battles because your endurance is lacking. If you do not take this seriously, there will be very less chance of winning.

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Allied Goal Zones

Want some extra shields? Well, if you stay inside a goal, it will grant you extra shields and even slow down the healing process. If you do this, then it will be very difficult to defeat attacker Pokemon. With this, you will get many benefits, like defense, delivering huge damage, and knocking down opponents that remain inside your attack range.

Pokemon unite gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Are you capable of the attacker role?

The name itself says everything about it. The role of an attacker is for players who love to play forward and have an attack strategy in their minds. Their job is to deal lots of damage to the opponents. The only problem is defense. You will have to sacrifice your defense if you want to attack. If you are a player who is ready to do all this, then this role is best for you. Furthermore, it is really simple to play and you can easily battle against others.

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Attacker Pokemon has very low endurance

Attacker Pokemon are great at doing damage, but they’re not so great at receiving it. Just what we said a few moments ago. No doubt you can attack with great power, but you won’t have much endurance in your hands. Attackers, in addition to having short endurance, have a very low chance of evading the approaching enemy. This is the reason it is recommended to keep them on the backlines.

Here are a few Pokemon that you should keep in your mind


The evergreen Pokemon, Pikachu. He is just the best of all. Pikachu is great for attacking. He deals a great amount of damage. Pikachu can also paralyze and immobilize enemies. The best attack you can deal damage with is combining Electro Ball with Thunderbolt. This will surely give an immediate KO. How? Both these abilities will hold your opponent in one place and leave them vulnerable so that you can attack them more. Pikachu can be built as either a single-target or multi-target attacker, with Electro Ball being better for single targets and Thunder being better for multi-targets.

Pikachu attacking with other Pokemon
Pikachu attacking with other Pokemon (YoTube)


Cramorant is a great choice for almost all kinds of battles. He has an impressive combination of Offense, Endurance, and Mobility. His Dive is just amazing that allows you to store three charges before flinging yourself into battle. It causes damage and forces attackers away. It’s ideal for splitting up huge groupings of opponents and can give you the upper hand if utilized correctly.


This is the best choice if you want to just stay as far as possible. Gardevoir can crush opponents from a good distance and light up the scoreboard. You won’t have to waste time developing this Pokemon. No doubt, if you use this Pokemon in the right way, he can rule the battlefield.

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