Pokemon Unite Speedster Guide – Tips and Tricks

We have brought you the Pokemon Unite Speedster guide with some tips and tricks. Use this Pokemon if you like to be quick in battles.

In Pokemon Unite there are different Pokemon of different roles. The speedster is among the different battle types. If you like playing the game a bit fast and defeating the enemies very quickly, then this role is just for you. But how to play Speedster? We have all your answers in our Pokemon Unite Speedster guide with some of the best tips and tricks. Read below to know more.

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Pokemon Unite Speedster Guide: Jungle Role

Speedsters are best for the Jungler role. Many players depend on the speedster Pokemon due to their ability to run around the map very quickly and clear out the wild Pokemon. This will provide them with lots of EXP. With this, they can upgrade very fast resulting in more benefits.

Pokemon Unite Speedster Guide: Score points

Speedsters have the best opportunity to score points for their team. They have the ability to move around in the entire area. With this, they should always look for scoring opportunities. If you are going with a speedster Pokemon, make sure you go for solo opponents and the wild Pokemon first. They will provide you with lots of points. 

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Pokemon Unite Speedster Guide: Play aggressively 

Yes, don’t look anywhere, you are using a speedster Pokemon and this is your job. Play as fast as possible, don’t give the time for the enemy to think anything, or don’t allow them to make strategies against you. Just go out there, run fast and attack everyone aggressively. You can even hide in the tall grass to attack your enemy quickly when they come near you. 

Pokemon Unite gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Think about the team 

You should think about the team too. Having speed does not mean that you can just leave and do whatever you want to. Always look for your team, although they will have the supporters with them, you can assist them too with your speed and attacking powers. Know what is your group’s plan and play according to that. Being reckless can sometimes cause problems too. 

Speedster helps other lanes too

Due to their high speed, speedster Pokemon can go around other lanes when the team needs more attacks and are ambushing the enemies. Speedster Pokemon can come for your assistance for the offense. 

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Know about the map

When you are roaming around, you must have good knowledge about the entire map. This is because you can plan and get ready for the enemy in a particular area before it even arrives there. With both, the knowledge of the map and your speed, you can have an upper hand in the battle.

Pokemon Unite gaemplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Best Speedster Pokemon 


Tanoflame is one of the best Speedster Pokemon in the game. He has maxed out mobility stats and is one of the easiest speedsters you can play with. With Talonflame, you can put your opponents under pressure. Brave bird or Fly will give you great mobility with high damage. In addition to that, the Flame charge will help you to escape from a close distance while damaging the opponent on the way.

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Absol has a high critical rate which results in massive damage. Its Feint will ignore the defense and the shields of the opponent and take out the deadliest opponents on the field. If you want bonus damage, then use Pursuit which will help you with a quick ambush, and the enemies that get hit from behind will receive more damage.

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