How to Beat Alpha Rancor in Godfall

This guide will tell you how to beat Alpha Rancor in Godfall. If you’re having trouble winning this battle, our guide will assist you.

Godfall has lots of bosses in the game that you come across. Each area will have one big boss that you will have to fight. These bosses are supported by side bosses or mini-bosses. Alpha Rancor is one of the mini-boss that you will face in Godfall. Do not think that since it’s a mini-boss you can defeat it easily. 

The name itself gives a hint. This Rancor boss is Alpha, which means this giant twin-tailed dog can deal more damage, can inflict poison, and can also summon reinforcements to attack you. But how to beat Alpha Rancor? You will learn about it in this guide.

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How to Beat Alpha Rancor: Phase one

As soon as you use Archon Fury, you will rapidly deplete Alpha Rancor’s HP, allowing the fight to be shortened considerably. Using an aggressive approach is the best strategy for dealing with Alpha Rancor. 

Attack as frequently as possible while staying near its side. Alpha Rancor attacks very quickly, so pause and dodge if necessary. You can maintain consistent DPS by throwing a shield or using a ranged weapon technique if the Alpha Rancor retreats.

By leaving pools of poison all over the battlefield, Alpha Rancor can quickly start controlling the battlefield. Using quick weapons and perhaps even ranged weapons will help you catch Alpha Rancor when it retreats. Due to the long-range dash Weapon Technique, polearms are fantastic for this, while swords are also an excellent substitute. You just need to dodge the attack, find the opening, and then rush for your attack. Following this pattern will surely help you to win this fight easily.

Alpha Rancor fight gameplay
Fight gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Beat Alpha Rancor: Phase two

Alpha Rancor will summon two Rancors to help him in this fight. As soon as its health reaches 50%, Rancors and Trollocs will be summoned to help. The damage they do is not too great and they are very easy to kill. Your attention should be focused on the Alpha Rancor once you defeat these smaller enemies. A red glow indicates that Alpha Rancor is using a Power Attack, which can only be evaded. So, do not be greedy and go for an attack. Just try to evade the attack as fast as possible.

When you will see a blue glow, the boss will use a perilous attack. You can parry this attack very easily and can inflict massive stun damage as it will expose him to counterattacks. Keep in mind that you should use Heavy Attacks whenever you get an opportunity to use one. This is because it will rapidly fill Alpha Rancor’s Breach gauge which will once again make him vulnerable to large combos. 

As the health goes down, Alpha Rancor will get more aggressive. Therefore, it is recommended that you should finish this fight as soon as possible once the boss’ health is low. If not, Alpha Rancor can deal very massive damage and you might end up losing the fight. 

Alpha Rancor fight gameplay
Fight gameplay (YouTube)


  • 1 Rare Life Stone
  • 2 Earth Sigils

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