Pokemon Unite Defender Guide – Tips and Tricks

Want to play as a defender? Read our Pokemon Unite Defender Guide which has some of the best tips and tricks for you.

There are several types of Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite, each with its own set of powers, perks, and other abilities. Many players prefer to have an attacker Pokemon so that they can just go forward attack and win the battles. These Pokemon do not think much about the defense. 

To improve your defense, you will need a good defender Pokemon. Without a good defense, your team will not be able to win. Defender Pokemon play an important role in the victory for the team. To help you out, we have the Pokemon Unite defender guide with some tips and tricks.

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Pokemon Unite Defender Guide: Crowd control skill

Crowd control skill helps a lot and results in great support for the team. However, do not expect a defender to deal high damage during the battle. They are not meant for this. They have high endurance and help mostly in the defense part. The crowd control skills can be used to leave attackers powerless, allowing your teammates to strike and eliminate them.

Pokemon Unite Defender Guide: Hold Lanes

When you play with a skilled defender Pokemon, you will have to take control of the lanes by holding it. The enemy attackers will attack with lanes. As a defender, your job is to hold it as much as possible till your attacker teammates arrive and defeat the enemies.

Defender Pokemon Gameplay
Defender Pokemon Gameplay (YouTube)

Pokemon Unite Defender Guide: Be aware

You can’t lose concentration as a defender. You will have to be aware of everything happening in your surroundings. If an attacker needs you, you will have to rush and support him by using your defensive powers. Attackers do not have high HP, therefore it is your job to protect them with your high endurance. If the attacker dies and you fail to help it, you will lose. Therefore, the role of a defender is very crucial.

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Don’t play solo

Yes, the defender Pokemon has high endurance and can stay alive for long in battles. But, the damage they deal is very low. Therefore, it will be of no use if you are playing solo against an attacker. 

Team up with the attacker Pokemon

As a solution for the above problem, it is best to team up with the attacker Pokemon. It surely makes a formidable team. While you help in the defense and guard the attacker against the enemies, the attacker will quickly attack them and deal massive damage. Both together can form a great team and win battles easily.

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Low mobility

One of the major problems a defending Pokemon faces is a low mobility. It has a low speed compared to other Pokemon in the game. Therefore, if you are at some other lane and your team needs you somewhere else, it will be very difficult for you to reach them quickly and support them. This is why it is recommended that you stick to a specific lane, plan about it before the battle, and stop the enemies in that particular lane. 

Defender Pokemon Gameplay
Defender Pokemon Gameplay (YouTube)

Best Defender Pokemon


Although Crustle is a Defender, it is the most attacking compared to others. It has a number of defensive tools, such as Rock Tomb, which can be used to create barriers, and Stealth Rock, which can be thrown into a group of opponents to slowly deal damage. Crustle is a great Defender that can turn a battle on its own with a single shell smash.

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Mamoswine is another fine choice that can provide substantial damage while also giving crowd control. All of his abilities include crowd control, which includes slowing them down and manipulating their position. His Unite ability can deliver a lot of damage while also making him impervious to barriers. In the endgame, he doesn’t scale well, so it is recommended that you finish the battles as soon as possible.


Blastoise is said to be the best defender Pokemon in the game. With slightly low endurance compared to another defender Pokemon, Blastoise provides great crowd control and decent damage. It relies on its durable shell. The Hydro Pump is among its best skills that will help you to displace lots of enemies and help the attackers to destroy them easily.

Blastoise in Pokemon Unite
Blastoise gameplay (YouTube)

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