We have brought you a Pokemon Unite Tsareena Guide so that you can win the games easily without any problem.

Tsareena is the most recent Pokemon to be added to the Pokemon Unite roster. In Pokemon Unite, Tsareena is a solid S-tier grass-type all-arounder Pokemon. It is primarily a melee, physical damage-dealing Pokemon with Expert difficulty. Tsareena may be scary to play because it is not a beginner Pokemon and needs some practice to land its combinations. To bring out the most of it, this must be appropriately timed with its passive ability. 

However, we have covered our readers’ bases with this guidance. This Pokemon Unite Tsareena Guide will teach you all you need to know about Tsareena, his powers, and how to simply win games.

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Pokemon Unite Tsareena Guide: Best moves

Tsareena is an All-Rounder Pokemon that kicks her opponents into submission with physical melee strikes. This character thrives in any lane, but particularly in the middle lane, where they completely mature at Lv. 6.

The finest Tsareena build in Pokemon Unite relies on applying consistent pressure to foes while preserving mobility and damage. Close in on your adversaries with moves like Triple Axel and Grassy Glide, while Tsareena’s passive ability, Queenly Majesty, allows you to reset the cooldowns on those abilities.

The Pokemon’s next basic attack does a minimum of (10/15/20) damage after it utilizes a move. This damage rises as the Pokemon’s Attack grows. When a melee Pokemon uses a Razor Claw, the opponent Pokemon’s movement speed is reduced for a brief period of time.

Pokemon Unite Tsareena Guide: Abilities

Pokemon Unite Tsareena Guide
Tsareena (Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Grassy Glide

It causes the user to slide in the specified direction, doing damage to opposing Pokemon and slowing their mobility for a brief period of time. This is followed by an attack that delivers damage to and shoves the opponent’s Pokemon in the opposite direction.

Triple Axel

It requires the user to spin-kick three times in the specified direction, causing damage to the opponent’s Pokemon in the process. Each time a kick lands, the damage caused increases, and basic attack speed is boosted for a brief period after this move finishes by an amount proportional to the number of kicks landed.

Tsareena’s Triple Axel is her unquestionably strongest damage-dealing move. It also aids with endurance, which is extremely useful while fighting an opponent Pokemon. Tsareena’s major crowd control technique, on the other hand, is Grassy Glide, which allows it to slow down an opponent’s Pokemon’s progress while forcing them back. When Queenly Majesty is active, it also provides a shield, which aids Tsareena’s survival. Tsareena is one of the most formidable duelist Pokemon because of the combination of these two moves!

Pokemon Unite Tsareena Guide: Items

Start with Focus Band for Tsareena’s Held Items. This item increases your Defense and Special Defense. Because this Pokemon is a close-ranged fighter, they’ll be right in the middle of the action, and their better defense means they’ll be able to stay in the fight for longer. Muscle Band improves the strength and quickness of your attacks. The more hits you get, the more damage you do. Finally, add Buddy Barrier to Tsareena’s survival. The increased health will keep the Pokemon alive and is compatible with the Focus Band.

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Pokemon Unite Tsareena Guide: Unite Move

After Tsareena utilizes their Unite Move, Queenly Ascendant, you can see how all of these attacks, equipment, and abilities come into play. Tsareena will dive toward a single target once activated. As soon as the attack starts, your Pokemon will launch an adversary into the air, knocking it out of the fight and delivering a significant amount of damage. Tsareena’s will acquire a burst of HP, as well as improved attack and movement speed after the assault is completed. This is when her powers and equipment show the brightest.

Pokemon Unite
Pokemon unite (Imgae credit: Pokemon Unite twitter)

After Tsareena uses their Unite Move, Buddy Barrier’s second ability will activate, providing a shield to them and adjacent Pokemon. With the post-Unite Move speed boost, Muscle Band’s attack speed boost will be considerably more effective. Not only that, but the benefits of Tsareena’s passive ability, Queenly Majesty, will be simpler to trigger thanks to Tsareena’s increased attack speed following the Unified Move.

Tsareena will be able to quickly finish out a single adversary after using Unite Move on them, as well as any other Pokemon in the vicinity. After unleashing your Unite Move, it’s not unusual for you to take out numerous adversaries in a row. After a Unite Move, Tsareena’s increased mobility and attack speed allow her to mow through adversaries. Tsareena will be able to employ their skills at a considerably faster cadence because of Queenly Majesty’s effect’s enhanced speed. Finally, if any Pokemon manage to escape your grasp, press the Eject Button to track them down and eliminate them.

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Tsareena is now a powerful All-Rounder champion. Along with Lucario, it can easily be found in the S-Tier among other All-Rounder Pokemon. Its early evolutions offer it a significant advantage in the early stages of the game. It also has strong crowd control abilities, which it may use to disable opponent champions. It features a lot of survival mechanisms while being fairly squishy and not as durable as other all-rounders. Tsareena will very certainly be able to rule the meta for the foreseeable future.


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