Don’t know much about the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Core Chips? Worry not, we have a complete guide that will help you out.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an RPG game similar to Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X. The Arts battle system is back in this game that allows auto-attacks and a cooldown timer for each Art. In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the playable characters are called Drivers. 

The blade resonance is a mechanic by which the drivers can resonate with core crystals that will awaken new blades. You can get some rarer blades with the help of this mechanic. There are lots of things that you need to know about the Core Chips in the game. Therefore, we have a guide to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Core Chips that will help you to understand it in a better way.

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What are Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Core Chips

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Core Chips are a type of equipment. Attachments for Blades let them grow more powerful by customizing their weapons. They have the ability to modify the stats and look of weapons.

Keep in mind that these are consumable items and can be purchased in Blacksmithing shops that are found around Alrest. You have to think about everything before equipping it because you cannot unequip or sell it once equipped. On the other hand, when you equip a new core chip to a weapon, the old chip is discarded. This transforms the weapon in the process. 

Core chips are not very hard to find as you can grab them from the dead enemies, treasure troves, and also from certain quests and Merc missions. You can even get it as a reward after completing challenges in the Land of Challenge.

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List of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Core Chips with location 

  • Amethyst Chip (Kingdom of Uraya)
  • Angrite Chip (Kingdom of Uraya, Temperantia)
  • Aquamarine Chip (Spirit Crucible Elpys)
  • Aubrite Chip (Land of Morytha)
  • Axion Chip (World Tree)
  • Battery Chip (Kingdom of Tantal)
  • Booster Chip (Empire of Mor Ardain)
  • Brachinite Chip (Kingdom of Tantal)
  • Bronze Chip (Kingdom of Uraya)
  • Chain Chip (Empire of Mor Ardain)
  • Cobalt Chip (Argentum Trade Guild)
  • Coil Chip (Empire of Mor Ardain)
  • Cube Chip (Indoline Praetorium)
  • Dark Matter Chip (World Tree)
  • Dilaton Chip (Cliffs of Morytha)
  • Engine Chip (Kingdom of Tantal)
  • Fang Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Flower Chip (Leftherian Archipelago)
  • Fluorite Chip (Kingdom of Uraya, Empire of Mor Ardain)
  • Forest Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Garnet Chip (Spirit Crucible Elpys)
  • Glass Chip (Leftherian Archipelago)
  • Gold Chip (Kingdom of Uraya, Empire of Mor Ardain)
  • Hadron Chip (World Tree)
  • Hexagon Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Horn Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Howardite Chip (Land of Morytha)
  • Iron Chip (Argentum Trade Guild)
  • Lodranite Chip (Kingdom of Tantal)
  • Magnet Chip (Empire of Mor Ardain)
  • Mirror Matter Chip (World Tree)
  • Moon Matter Chip (Kingdom of Tantal)
  • Motor Chip (Kingdom of Tantal)
  • Nakhlite Chip (Land of Morytha)
  • Opal Chip (Spirit Crucible Elpys)
  • Pentagon Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Photon Chip (World Tree)
  • Polygon Chip (Temperantia)
  • Positron Chip (World Tree)
  • Preon Chip (Empire of Mor Ardain)
  • Rhombus Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Scale Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Shaft Chip (Gormott Province, Empire of Mor Ardain)
  • Shining Star Chip (Temperantia)
  • Silver Chip (Gormott Province, Temperantia)
  • Sphere Chip (Indoline Praetorium)
  • Spinel Chip (Kingdom of Uraya)
  • Spiral Chip (Kingdom of Tantal)
  • Steel Chip (Argentum Trade Guild)
  • Sunlight Chip (World Tree)
  • Tachyon Chip (Temperantia)
  • Tin Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Tri-Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Turquoise Chip (Kingdom of Uraya)
  • Ureilite Chip (Kingdom of Tantal)
  • Wing Chip (Gormott Province)
  • Winonaite Chip (Kingdom of Uraya)
  • Wood Chip (Leftherian Archipelago)
  • Zircon Chip (Kingdom of Uraya)
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Keep these things in mind

  • A Blade weapon’s combat stats are determined by the Core Chip it has been equipped with.
  • The base stats for auto-attack, critical rate, and block rate are determined entirely by the equipped chip and weapon type, whereas physical defense and ether defense are unique to each Blade. 
  • Each weapon has its own unique name, stats, and appearance when there is a combination of core chip and blade of a certain type. 
  • You can also get special passive effects for any weapon that has a certain core chip. This can vary between weapon types. 
  • The stats or reward increasing effects from the equipped blade will be active when it is not used in battle. However, the special passive effects will not be active if the blade is not used in the battle.
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

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