Do love different kinds of planets? Well, you can visit them in this game. Read our list of the best No Man’s Sky planets you should go to.

Want to travel to different planets and explore? No Man’s Sky will help you do that. The game is a survival action-adventure that you can play in either the first or third person. It will begin on a completely random planet near a destroyed spacecraft at the galaxy’s edge. You will be equipped with a survival suit, a jetpack, and a multitool. This can be used to scan, mine, and gather materials, as well as combat and protect against monsters and opposing forces. 

In an unknown world, the player plays the role of the Traveler, an alien humanoid planetary explorer. You have lots of things to do on different planets in the game. But which are the best No Man’s Sky planets? We have created a list that will tell you the best No Man’s Sky planets so that you can visit there first.

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Best No Man’s Sky planets 


Do you enjoy the snow? Well on this planet, everything is frozen. However, it just seems very beautiful but it can cause you trouble as it is extremely cold. Although it is better than other hazardous planets. You can find storm crystals here whenever there is a storm. This is best to trade. Keep in mind, due to extreme cold, the planet drains the biohazard suit very fast. It is different from the planets that are clear.  

Frozen Planet
Frozen Planet (YouTube)


It is one of the best planets for you to build a home base on this planet. This is because it is not hazardous compared to other planets. This planet is totally unpredictable. It has different weather, resources, and unique wildlife. If you enjoy the diversity and new experiences, then this planet is the perfect choice for you.

You will see many creatures and terrain that is only available on the Exotic planet. This is the reason that we said above that it is a very unique planet to visit. You will also get plenty of gold on this planet. It is a completely habitable planet.

Exotic planet in no man's sky
Exotic planet (YouTube)
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Mega Exotic

The name itself says it all. The Mega Exotic planet will give you everything in a bigger size. You will get lots of resources and many other things. It will be bigger in size compared to the other planets. You will get a much different variety of flora and fauna on this planet. However, you will have to keep it in mind while setting up your home base on this planet. 

The weather and the environment can be hazardous at times. The planet is habitable but the changes are unpredictable and they can sometimes cause you trouble too. So keep all these things in mind. while you visit this planet. Overall, this is one of the best No Man’s Sky planets you can visit to gather lots of resources.

Mega Exotic planet in no man's sky
Mega Exotic Planet (YouTube)


This planet has most of the plants compared to others. It is a desert island with lots of plants and mostly rocks. You can also find other fauna on this island. The weather on this planet is said to be the best after the Lush planet. As it is a desert, it will be very hot to survive on this planet. However, it is much safer when you talk about the overall environment. 

You will find the Cactus Flesh and Sticky Honey which is one of the most valuable resources in the game. It is recommended to stay in some shelter or inside a cave to be safe from the extreme cold at the night and extremely hot in the daytime.

Barren planet
Barren (YouTube)
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The Lush planet is similar to the planet Earth. It has a similar green environment and is best to build your base and gather different materials. It is rare for a Lush island to spawn in the solar system. Lush planets are most likely to be discovered in yellow star systems, with yellow stars in flawed and raging galaxies having a 2x higher chance, and yellow stars in serene galaxies having a 4x higher chance. There are even different animals and resources that you can find on this planet. This is number one in our list of best No Man’s Sky planets. 

So these were the best planets in the game. There are many other planets as well, but the reason they are not on the list is that they are not habitual and are very hazardous. The planets on our list are comparatively good for you to survive and have fun in the game. However, you can visit the other planets too for collecting resources, but it is recommended not to make your home base there.

Lush Planet
Lush Planet (YouTube)

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