Strawberry Crepe Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom – Best Toppings and Strategies

Want to play as Strawberry Crepe cookie but don’t know much about it? Do not worry, we got you covered with our Strawberry Crepe Cookie guide.

The Strawberry Crepe cookie from the defense class is an epic cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom, that is playable since last year. Its position is best at the front. Cookie, who grew up with Wafflebots, preferred exploring robotic components to playing with toys. This young genius’s charming waffle headgear is a technological marvel in and of itself. But make sure you don’t get your hands on it! Otherwise, you risk witnessing the cute Strawberry Crepe Cookie transform into the furious Strawberry Crepe Cookie.

Strawberry Crepe has turquoise eyes and wears cone-like headphones. They have flamingo pink hair and saturated red pants. They wear white long sleeves enveloping their hands and white shoes to match them. To know more about them, read our Strawberry Crepe cookie guide below that has some best toppings and strategies for you.

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Strawberry Crepe cookie guide: Skill

Strawberry Crepe’s skill is crepe thrust. It uses giant crepe arms that cause area damage. It targets the cookies and then reduces the damage received by two allies who have the lowest Max HP.

Not only that, but it has a 15-second cooldown and can do 330 percent damage in a single hit while also providing 50 percent damage resistance for 8 seconds. This single-hit attack can knock all enemies down. The best part is that she provides a buff that is damage resistant to two allies. This will be very beneficial against enemies with high DPS.

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Strawberry Crepe cookie guide: Best Toppings

It is no doubt that full solid almond toppings are the best for this cookie. The reason is that this cookie always stays in front and deals massive AoE damage to the enemies. Also, it helps to reduce the damage received by the two allies who have the lowest Max HP. This is why you need Strawberry Crepe on the field as long as possible. For this to happen, solid almond toppings will help to max out the damage resistance. With this build, Crepe’s maximum HP can be raised by 65 percent.

Five Hard Walnut can also be used to boost their Defense. If this isn’t an option that suits you, try to combine three Hard walnuts or three Hearty Hazelnuts with two Healthy Peanuts to keep Strawberry Crepe on the battlefield for longer. The idea is simple: remain on the pitch as long as possible, since this cookie isn’t just about the attacks. It is also beneficial to the team.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie
Strawberry Crepe Cookie (YouTube)

Priority while selecting the toppings

While choosing the best toppings for the Strawbery Crepe cookie, make sure that it stays on the battlefield for a longer period. This should be your only focus. You can also think about reducing the skill cooldown as this will help you to win too. These things should be your priority when deciding on the best toppings. You can try out different build that is suitable for you. Keep experimenting and find the best toppings for your strawberry crepe.

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Cooldown reduction can be beneficial

If you want bonus stats, try giving her a balance of cooldown reduction and DMG resistance. When the strawberry crepe will have a lower cooldown, she can buff the team more. The Squishy Jelly Watch is a great option to increase the cooldown reduction.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie gameplay
Strawberry Crepe Cookie leading from the front (YouTube)

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