Want to play as a supporter? Read our Pokemon Unite Supporter Guide which has some of the best tips and tricks for you.

There are several types of Pokemon in the Pokemon Unite, each with its own set of powers, perks, and other abilities. Many players prefer to have an attacker Pokemon so that they can just go forward attack and win the battles. These Pokemon do not think much about the defense. 

However, the hidden gems are the supporter Pokemon. These Pokemon don’t go away straight in the battle for an attack. They stay behind and support the other Pokemon to do their job. Honestly, the supporter is as important as any other role. So, today we have a Pokemon Unite Supporter guide with some tips and tricks for you. 

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Pokemon Unite Supporter Guide: Position

When it comes to the position of the supporter Pokemon, you can place them at the top or at the bottom lane. This is because they stay with the attackers to support them, and attackers stay around these positions. Your primary job is to provide as much support as possible to the attacker Pokemon so that they don’t go down quickly. Therefore, the position plays an important role for the supporter Pokemon. 

Don’t Play Solo

It will be a very bad choice if you are thinking to play solo with a supporter Pokemon. They are not meant for this role. The attacker can go solo and attack the enemies. However, it’s a problem for the attacker too since it has low HP. 

Similarly, supporter Pokemon do not have low HP like the attacker, but they do not have the high attacking power either. This is the reason that it is not recommended to play solo. Staying close to a teammate and supporting them is the best option to win with support Pokemon.

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Pokemon unite gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Watch your teammates

Your teammates might get very aggressive in between the battle. By doing this, they will need lots of support. And the job of a supporter here is to look at who requires the most help and when they need it. Adjust your support abilities, be aware of the enemies, watch your teammates and support them whenever they need it. 

Farm EXP for your team

Generally, everyone levels up quickly to get the upgrades. However, in a supporter’s case, they have to let their teammates level up first. Farm EXP for the attacker or an all-rounder so that they can upgrade and get powerful quickly to win the battle. If you upgrade yourself, the attackers might die quickly and you will lose the battle.

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Pokemon Unite Supporter Guide: Exp. Share

Exp. Share is the best supporter item that can assist to distribute the EXP to the teammates equally. Additionally, the supporter will get a movement speed bonus. With this, you can change your positions quickly to support your teammates.

Pokemon unite gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Pokemon Unite Supporter Guide: Best Supporter Pokemon


In addition to healing all the teammates, this Pokemon will provide the shields as well. As a result, your team will survive for a long time during a fight. Eldegoss provides a movement speed bonus that will support the teammates to either chase the enemies quickly or escape during the battle. One of its best moves for healing is Synthesis and Pollen Puff. 

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime can create barriers to block the path of an opponent. This will be very beneficial if you use it at the start because your teammates have a great chance of attacking. However, its main move is the Guard Swap as it can manipulate the defense system of the enemies. Mr. Mime has a good endurance making him stay in the fight for a long time.

Mr. Mime using his barier
Mr. Mime’s barrier (YouTube)
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This Pokemon can stun the enemy or make them sleep, making it a great chance for your team to attack. With its Starlight Radical passive ability, Wigglytuff can provide protection to the teammates. This Pokemon can slow down enemies, and call them closer to attack them easily. Wigglytuff is a great supporter to win the battles. 

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