Want some of the best cookies to fight? Read about our top 10 Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies. These cookies will help you win easily.

Cookie Run Kingdom is a large RPG and war simulator that combines city-building and RPG elements. The player takes on the role of one-of-a-kind cookies in this game. As the player continues, the cookie’s abilities will develop. This game’s gameplay is separated into two categories: Kingdom Development and Adventure. 

Treasures will assist the player if they become stuck in a stage, whether by buffing their cookies or affecting the opponents. Players may get resources to improve their character’s powers by finishing stages (Coins, Toppings, and Skill Powders) or by using manufacturing structures.

While all cookies are delicious and worth gathering, not all of them are beneficial in fighting. Certain cookies are more effective than others, similar to gacha games like Azur Lane, Arknights, and this game’s father Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. There will always be some cookies that are better than others when there are so many to gather. Here is the list of the top 10 Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies.

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Top 10 Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies

Red Velvet Cookie

You’d think Red Velvet Cookie, being one of the adversaries in Cookie Run: Kingdom, would be a fearsome badass up-front warrior capable of anything. However, he isn’t nearly powerful enough to carry a group all the way to the game’s higher stages.

That said, he has a fascinating backstory and a unique talent that might be handy depending on the sort of team you choose. His Crimson Hand ability allows you to make a single attack that does 835 percent more damage than your previous hit. It does, however, have a 20-second cooldown, so don’t try to use it more than once in a minor engagement. However, if you only need to take down a single hefty target, it’s ideal.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie

Given their joyfully cold-hearted nature, Strawberry Crepe Cookie has an extremely protective and friendly talent. Their ability includes slamming a pair of huge robotic waffle fists into the opponent, delivering AOE knockback, and granting the two squishiest cookies in your squad a thick 50 percent defensive bonus. This typically implies that your mainline damage dealers, such as Espresso and Latte, will receive a boost. While a result, Strawberry Crepe Cookie is a highly strong option in PVP, as Espresso is generally the most vulnerable.

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Mala Sauce Cookie

Mala cookie in the list of top 10 Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies
Mala Sauce cookie (YouTube)

The Mala Sauce Cookie’s background is filled with tales of her bravery and drive, and you’ll see why as soon as you add her to your party. She’s a tough Cookie who unquestionably lives up to her legendary fame. If you have Mala Sauce Cookie on your team, you’ll get Charge Cooking which can keep up with the plot and other features of the game for a long time.

After all, her stats are amazing, but her Skill, Spicy Mala Strike, is much cooler. Mala’s talent, unlike most Charge Cookies, is an area attack that causes the target to burn and deals a massive amount of damage while also increasing her crit chance by 25%. It’s fantastic and certainly worth a go.

Mint Choco Cookie

Rather than being a specialist healer, support who fires at the opponent. Mint Choco Cookie’s team-wide ATK Speed bonus has a notable effect, unlike Rye’s greedy ATK Speed buff. It causes the squad healer to heal faster, and a group of cookies attacking at the same time is far more powerful than a single cookie. 

While Mint Choco Cookie is generally overshadowed by Pomegranate in any other team comp. Combining him with Pastry, and Lilac turns into a lethal machinegun team, with Mint Choco and Lilac serving as Pastry’s ammo loaders, transforms the three of them into a formidable machinegun squad.

Sonic Cookie

Sega commemorated their anniversary by including Sonic and Tails in Cookie Run Kingdom. Sonic Cookie is a great ambush cookie for Lilac’s machinegun squad. His attack is an AOE strike in which he pinballs all over the adversary while buffing your whole team’s ATK SPD by 15%. More harm for Lilac to inflict on Pastry! 

In comparison to Mint Choco, he may be regarded a more aggressive candidate for that position. Raspberries or Swift Chocos, as usual, because you either want the damage to go higher or you want to spam the skill for continual ATK SPD bonuses, which also increases the damage.

Kumiho Cookie

Although Kumiho Cookie isn’t really a Cookie, her power and ability to transform into one rapidly elevates her to one of the game’s best Charge ‘Cookies.’ According to one of her descriptions, anybody who looks at her will fall in love, and if you invite her to your party, you will almost likely fall in love as well.

She’s simply great to see and use in practically any battle situation. Using her skill will equip her with a deadly attack, as well as charm and weaken them. All of this, and more, will show how useful she can be.

Caramel Arrow Cookie

Caramel arrow cookie in the list of top 10 Cookie Run Kingdom Cookies
Caramel Arrow cookie (YouTube)

The Caramel Arrow is the first to overtly flout the rule that “damage dealers should be in the back, not in front,” but one might argue that the more recent Charge Cookies were simply skirting the line. Her stats are more akin to a highly offensive Charge cookie, allowing her to live an unusually long period for a cookie of her sort. 

Her talent is what sets her apart: she jumps to the back like Madeleine, but instead of lying about her genuine duty, she starts shooting arrows at the enemies. Each shot may leave an Arrow Mark on the target, which will detonate once she has stopped firing.

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Eclair Cookie

There are numerous terms to characterize this unassuming historian: broken, cheese, unjust, sheer evil. If you wish to nullify an opponent team’s damaging ability, use Eclair Cookie. While this utter geek can fight toe-to-toe with the likes of Sea Fairy or Frost Queen after a few debuff stacks, teaming one of them with him would fully reveal his murderous craziness. 

They’re also simple to deploy with other damage dealers because they count as a Support and won’t battle other damage dealers for their Ambush, Ranged, or Magic powders. It’s got to be the shield they give you after you murder someone.

Cocoa Cookie

Cocoa Cookie is a Defense cookie in the game, however the best simile for her is a chocolate-fueled marshmallow-armored ambulance. While doing damage to the opponent and forcing them back, her talent heals the entire squad for nearly half of her ATK. Her basic strike heals three cookies at the same time but deals no damage. 

When compared to truly dedicated healers, who have more powerful healing talents but whose basic “attacks” only heal one victim at a time, this is a significant difference. She also has the bulkier stats of a Defense cookie, allowing her to take AOE blows more easily than genuine healers.

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Dark Cacao Cookie

Dark cacao cookie is the best cookie
Dark Cacao cookie (YouTube)

In comparison to his son, Dark Choco Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie plays a more generalist function. Both of their skills have a DEF Reduction, but Dark Choco’s is significantly more powerful: The son deals 20 percent DEF Reduction up to three times, depending on the size of the target’s hitbox, for a total of 60 percent, but the father only deals 15 percent once, on his second hit. In comparison to his father, Dark Choco is more suited to blasting huge monsters.

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The Injury debuff may also accumulate up to 25% of an enemy’s maximum HP, and it can’t be removed until the skill that does so expressly specifies it, so Herb isn’t going to help. On the initial hit of his talent, he also gets the Twizzly’s Zap debuff, which disables shields from Eclair, Pure Vanilla, and Custard Cookie III while doing damage over time. In addition, Dark Cacao decreases opponent ATK by 10.8%.

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