We have brought you the Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings build in our cookie run kingdom guide. Learn everything about this cookie.

Among the five Ancient Heroes in Cookie Run: Kingdom is Dark Cacao Cookie. He is the third character to be released, appearing along with Affogato Cookie in the first Heroes of Dark Cacao update (version 2.7.102). The position he holds is prioritized to the Front, meaning he is of the Charge class.

Dark Cacao Cookie is the Dark Cacao Kingdom’s creator and ruler. He is also Dark Choco Cookie’s father, however, he disowned him after Dark Choco Cookie destroyed the Kingdom. Below is our guide. We will give you the best Dark Cacao cookie toppings build.

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The Story of Dark Cacao Cookie 

The last bean of a deserted cacao tree fell from a branch that had withered above a cliff edge without any taste. As it lay there in the frozen soil, enduring snow and wind, this bean had no idea it would become the main ingredient in a cold and solitary Dark Cacao Cookie. The Dark Cacao Cookie, wielding the Grapejam Chocoblade, was a warrior of unimaginable strength. 

It took three average Cookies to move this sword. Thunder and lightning erupted with each swing, and avalanches tumbled down mountains. A Cookie of few words but with great principle, Dark Cacao Cookie stood out from the rest. Following the sorrowful events of the Dark Flour War, the warrior isolated himself within the solitude of his castle. What could possibly melt the frozen soul of the warrior?

Dark Cacao Cookie is portrayed as a harsh and fierce protector of the Dark Cacao Kingdom. During his childhood, he is revealed to be a loving parent, telling Dark Choco Cookie that he will train him to be the strongest fighter. Dark Choco Cookie became increasingly disobedient to his father as he got older. The Dark Choco Cookie nearly killed his father while under the influence of the Strawberry Jam sword, prompting Dark Cacao Cookie to exile his son from the realm.

Dark Cacao Cookie Skill

Dark Cacao Cookie skills
Dark Cacao Cookie (cookierunkingdom fandom)

The Dark Cacao Cookie swings the Grapejam Chocoblade with immense vigor, inflicting damage on adversaries in range with thunder and lightning. This devastating strike lowers foes’ ATK and DEF while also inflicting Zap and Injury. Injury debuff ignores immunity and dispelling effects that don’t specify Injury directly, therefore injured opponents will have lower Max HP. When Dark Cacao Cookie uses his skill, he becomes temporarily immune to interrupting effects.

  • Cooldown of 16 seconds
  • DMG for first hit: 46.9% (+0.7-0.6% DMG per level)
  • DMG on second hit: 265.8% (+3.7-3.6% per level).
  • Passive Debuff Resist +20.0%
  • CRK-defdown -15.0% DEF for 9.0 seconds
  • CRK-atkdown -10.8% for 9.0 seconds
  • Injury: 12.5% maximum HP reduction for 30.0 sec (from the beginning of the battle), Injury limit of 25%
  • ZAP: 3.0% DMG every 1.0 second for 9.0 seconds. The HP shield is nullified.
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Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings build

Dark Cacao Cookie Toppings
Dark Cacao Cookie (cookierunkingdom fandom)

A frontal Charge unit is a great choice for a Dark Cacao Cookie topping build, and the Solid Almond set is a great choice. Searing Raspberry’s ability to hit hard right away can make it tempting to go for a pure attack. In contrast, Dark Cacao Cookie might just be able to make one or two more attacks if he chooses endurance. There will be far more damage outgoing from this than from one boosted blow before he’s knocked out.

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