The new Cookie has arrived. This time it’s the Caramel Arrow. To learn more about her, read our Caramel Arrow Cookie guide with some tips and tricks.

During the Heroes of Dark Cacao update, the Caramel Arrow Cookie was released. It is her job to be at the front, which puts her in the Ranged class. The Ranged Cookies benefit from her higher base HP and DEF because of this position. In the Dark Cacao Kingdom, she served as the first watcher before being expelled from the Black Citadel.

Caramel Arrow Cookie, the Black Citadel’s First Watcher, had shared her own rations with the abandoned citizens of the kingdom shortly before Snow on the Black Wall took place. To get rid of those who could interfere with his treachery, Affogato Cookie lied to King Dark Cacao Cookie about going to the village instead of fulfilling her responsibilities in the kingdom.

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Meanwhile, Dark Cacao Cookie realizes that she has been dispensing meals that have most likely been stolen from the citadel’s larder. As a result, she was permanently expelled from the Citadel. To learn more about her, read our Cookie run Kingdom Caramel Arrow cookie guide below.

Caramel Arrow Cookie Personality

Despite her small size, Caramel Arrow Cookie is determined, loyal, and has a strong mental fortitude. She recalls memories of her banishment as she recalls the events, but snaps out of it and turns her focus to other activities. As she focuses on her situation, she puts a more positive spin on it by explaining that there is still much she can do out in the wilderness.

Additionally, Caramel Arrow Cookie displays a clear sense of compassion and justice, as evidenced by her unwavering support of the kingdom’s forlorn citizens and complete lack of hesitation in saving GingerBrave and friends when confronted with a Snow Lion.

Save your crystals for her

Caramel Arrow cookie
Caramel Arrow Cookie (CRK fandom)

Caramel Arrow Cookie is an Epic rarity character who replaces the Affogato Cookie banner and arrives just before the Ancient Dark Cacao banner expires. Save your crystals: this one is likely to be good.

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Caramel Arrow Cookie Guide: Toppings

In order to create the best Cookie Run Kingdom Caramel Arrow Cookie, her position and abilities have to be considered. The ranged Cookie, Caramel Arrow, figures prominently on the front line. She does tend to jump to the back of the team and fire from there, which makes sense, as many of her skills require her to do so. See below for the toppings build

  • Firstly, you can try Solid Almond Toppings(Provisional)
  • The second option is Solid Almond Toppings + Swift Chocolate(Provisional)
  • The third option is Solid Almond Toppings + Searing Raspberry(Provisional)
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Caramel Arrow Cookie’s bow

Caramel Cookie with her bow (CRK fandom)

It is likely that Cookie’s bow is a Korean horn bow, or gakgung bow, a type of reflex bow with a relatively small size and impressive firing power. 

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