To survive the battles, you’ll need the Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide. Combat is just as important as running your kingdom in the Cookie Run Kingdom.

While there are several games in a similar genre, Cookie Run Kingdom stands out thanks to its excellent visual direction, extensive and constantly updated narrative mode, and a wealth of material for players to enjoy. Fans searching for a head start on what teams to assemble may discover the knowledge they require in this guide as Cookie Run: Kingdom’s player base continues to increase. 

When it comes to the Cookie Run Kingdom, it’s crucial to remember that the game’s gacha system is the most common means for players to obtain new Cookies. There are presently over 50 Cookies in the game. To enhance their team’s best potential, players should experiment with their Cookies.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is happy to penalize an unbalanced squad, particularly one that focuses solely on unsupported glass cannons. Without shielding or healing, a team of squishy mids and rear damage dealers would frequently wipe out the first few waves before being whittled down in the middle or near the finish.

This game’s PVE is frequently a wild dash across a very long level, with numerous waves obstructing your progress. Because having a balanced team is so crucial, having a pair of Rare tier tanks to cover your Epic tier damage dealers is better than having only Epic tier damage dealers.

With that in mind, let’s check out our Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide and learn how to put together a strong team.

Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide: Squad 1

Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide
Cookie Run Kingdom (Image credit: Cookie Run Kingdom)

Front 1: Tank Dark Choco Cookie

Front 2: Tank Milk Cookie/ Princess Cookie

Healer: Custard Cookie III/ Pomegranate Cookie

Debuff 1: Onion Cookie/ Cherry Cookie/ Tiger Lily Cookie

Debuff 2: Snow Sugar Cookie/ Cherry Cookie/ Tiger Lily Cookie

Dumping debuffs on adversaries may turn a disastrous fight around for obvious reasons. When facing foes with a greater power rating than your squad, a large stack of debuffs may frequently even the odds. Of course, pitting this squad against an opposing team that has Herb Cookie or Clover Cookie (two debuff cleansers) might be disastrous, so don’t do it.

Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide: Squad 2

Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide
Cookie Run Kingdom (Image credit: Cookie Run Kingdom)

Front 1: Purple Yam Cookie

Front 2: Milk/Knight Cookie

Support 1: Licorice Cookie

Healer 1: Custard Cookie III/Herb Cookie

Damage 1: Espresso Cookie

Survivability is the focus of this squad. Purple Yam and Milk Cookie are two cookies that protect Espresso from bad guys. The Grinder vortex of Espresso will send the enemy to hell. To take the heat off of everyone else, Licorice summons mooks upfront. Keep the party alive and healthy with the custard and herb.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide: Squad 3

Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide
Cookie Run Kingdom (Image credit: Cookie Run Kingdom)

Damage 1: Espressolike

Damage 2: Licorice Cookie

Tactical: Strawberry Crepe Cookie/  Milk Cookie/ Espressolike

Front 2: Dark Choco Cookie

Support (Rear): Herb Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie/ Pomegranate Cookie

This was formerly the most meta of meta teams, and we’re keeping it on the list for posterity’s sake. It’s still rather successful in both PVP and PVE, and these cookies tend to complement one another. Your typical modern team might follow suit, substituting a cookie, like Black Raisin or Strawberry Crepe for Milk or Espresso. This has been updated to account for newer cookies.

Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide: Squad 4

Cookie Run Kingdom
Cookie Run Kingdom (Image credit: Cookie Run Kingdom)

Front 1: Dark Choco

Front 2: Princess Cookie

Damage 3: Espresso Cookie

Damage 2: Rye Cookie/ Tiger Lily Cookie/ Vampire Cookie

Support: Sparkling Cookie/ Custard Cookie III/ Pomegranate Cookie/ Herb Cookie

A team that is extremely similar to the second, but is geared for killing things quickly. In PVP, you’ll encounter a lot of teams that look much like this. It’s understandable why it’s so popular. It still employs the tried-and-true two-tanks-in-front strategy. This time, though, the tanks increase the bite of your whole squad by lowering the enemy’s protection. This way, you’re not just reliant on Espresso to inflict significant damage.

Fans may rely on a squad comprising a Charger, Ambush, Bomber, Support, and Magic Cookie to break past obstacles and beat higher power level levels that they otherwise couldn’t beat.

Werewolf Cookie, Sea Fairy Cookie, Devil Cookie, Parfait Cookie, and Pancake Cookie are other squad that would be a fantastic illustration of this set-up. Players should be able to sail through stages regardless of how high the suggested power level is thanks to this setup’s strong skills and toppings. Players should double-check that the Support Cookie on their team can heal as part of their talent.

Cookie Run Kingdom Team Guide: Squad 5

Cookie Run Kingdom (Image credit: Cookie Run Kingdom)

Front: Madeleine Cookie/ Strawberry Crepe, Werewolf Cookie

Machinegunner: Pastry Cookie

Healer: Herb Cookie/ Pure Vanilla Cookie/ Custard Cookie III, Swift Chocos/Raspberries

Support 1: Lilac Cookie

Support 2: Mint Choco Cookie

Lilac and Mint Choco’s talent only works on some cookies, especially ones with skills that alter their basic attack in some way. This is because they improve the generally mediocre ATK SPD stat. This doesn’t assist much with most other cookies who have more standard talents, but ATK SPD is effective for Pastry Cookie, Madeleine Cookie, and Werewolf Cookie’s skills. 

When combined with Lilac’s ability to enhance ATK dependent on ATK SPD, these generally underwhelming cookies start dishing out some serious damage. When Madeleine starts spamming sword waves like a sugar-addled hyperactive baby swinging a toy blade, his competence doesn’t seem so cowardly.

For players who want the finest coverage, having a Charger, Defense, two Ambush, and one Support Cookie on their squad is a great approach to ensure they get the most out of their team. For a consistent and steady squad, Princess Cookie, Avacado Cookie, Carrot Cookie, Adventurer Cookie, and Ninja Cookie are good examples.

Upgrading their talents will make it much easier for many teams, including this one and others, to realize their full potential. When it comes to choosing a Support Cookie, the ideal option is to go with one who can heal as part of their talent.

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Here are some Tips and Tricks for your Cookie Run Kingdom Team

Cookie Run Kingdom
Cookie Run Kingdom (Image credit: Cookie Run Kingdom)

Remember to include your Frontliners

A team’s offensive or defensive orientation is often, but not always, determined by the presence of more damage dealers. It depends on the frontrunners you bring. Dark Choco and Princess are long-lasting debuffers that are widely employed in Arena PVP encounters.

Yam, Madeleine, and Avocado are all in the center, having AOE strikes that are difficult but not as difficult as a specialist damage dealer’s talent. Milk and Knight Cookie act as deterrents, drawing attention away from more powerful yet soft treats like Espresso and Poison Mushroom.

The game relies heavily on treasures

This game necessitates the use of treasures. Players should have the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll treasure at the absolute least. It is immensely strong, especially when compared to other Epic rank treasures. It gives your squad a hefty passive 30 percent ATK increase at level 1. You would believe that this just relates to glass cannon cookies like Espresso, but healers’ essential and skill healing also scale with their ATK stat! This improves your squad’s survival.

Use the Toppings

When it comes to toppings, having five of the same type is more trustworthy than having several sorts of toppings within a cookie. Identical toppings make up a set bonus. When making a list of toppings for your cookies, just one sort of topping should be included per cookie, not all of them.

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