We have brought you the Pokemon Go Catch Cup guide that will tell you everything from its date and rules to the best team you can use.

Each season, several new cups arrive in Pokemon Go’s PvP mode. Some of these PvP cups are only available during specified seasons or times of the year. The Catch Cup, for example, is a little more well-known. If you wish to compete in the Catch Cup, you’ll have to adhere to a set of severe restrictions. We’ll go over how the Catch Cup works in Pokemon Go, as well as all of the regulations you’ll need to know.

The Catch Cup started on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, at 1 p.m. PST and will end on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at 1 p.m. PST. Therefore, only Pokemon captured during that time period will be eligible to play. To know more, read our Pokemon Go Catch Cup guide.

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Pokemon Go Catch Cup Guide: Rules

The Catch Cup is one of the most interesting cups in the Go Battle League since you may only utilize the Pokemon that you captured during the cup’s duration, drastically restricting your team’s possibilities. Pokemon must have less than 1,500 CP and cannot be Mythical to participate. Focus on Raid Battles, Egg hatching, and Field Research assignments in this cup to broaden your horizons, since they can award powerful Pokemon that don’t presently spawn in the wild.

Once you’ve caught your selected Pokemon, make sure they don’t exceed 1,500 CP. All of your Pokemon must have a CP of less than 1,500. If you have more than 1,500 CP on a newly obtained Pokemon, it will be unavailable.

Pokemon Go gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)
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How to Participate

The most effective strategy to compete in the Catch Cup is to use incense to attract Pokemon to your location. If you’re near a Poké Stop, you may also set a lure on one to attract Pokemon to that spot. Rather than walking around your area looking for Pokemon, here are some of the greatest ways to bring Pokemon to you.

Pokemon Go Catch Cup Guide: Best Team

Lurantis, Azumarill, and Galarian Stunfisk are three of the finest Pokemon you can pick to team up for the Catch Cup. These are some of the most powerful Pokemon currently available, making them eligible for the Catch Cup.

Our suggestions are based on the Pokemon that appeared during the Lush Jungle event but bear in mind that the top performers may change after the event finishes and a new set of Pokemon becomes available to meet and catch.

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Fomantis debuted during the Lush Jungle event, and it can be found in the wild until the event concludes. If you evolve it into Lurantis, you’ll have one of the finest contenders for the Catch Cup. Fury Cutter as a Fast Move provides the quickest access to Lurantis’ strong Charged Moves: Leaf Blade, which has STAB and can be easily repeated, and the Fighting-type Super Power for added coverage.


Pokemon go
Pokemon Azzumarill (YouTube)

Azumarill has long been regarded as one of the best Great League performances, and its success carries over to the Catch Cup, where it can be eligible if you hatch an Azurill from a 5km Egg and evolve it. The bubble is the best Fast Move. In terms of Charged Moves, Hydro Pump is the most powerful, while Ice Beam helps to compensate for its weakness against Grass. Azumarill might be expensive to power up, but it’s well worth it.

Galarian Stunfisk

Galarian Stunfisk is another difficult Pokemon to obtain during the Catch Cup – but possibly the greatest. You must hatch this regional version from a 7km Egg collected when the Catch Cup is active. Its Ground/Steel typing means it is resistant to a wide range of opponents and is especially effective against Fairy-types. You’ll have a winner with Mud Shot as a Fast Move and Rock Slide and Earthquake as Charged Moves.

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Bad choices for Pokemon Catch Cup

  • Darkrai
  • Deoxys
  • Genesect
  • Hoopa
  • Meloetta
  • Victini
  • Zarude

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