We have brought you a list of Rogue Legacy best items, weapons, and more. Read everything carefully and choose the best one for you.

Rogue Legacy‘s purpose is to explore a randomly created dungeon, confront four bosses in each of the dungeon’s four distinct locations, and finally defeat the final boss. Characters may hop and slash with their swords by default, as well as employ auxiliary talents such as mana-based magic strikes. Platforms may also be increased in size by slicing them with the player’s sword.

When a character dies due to losing all of their Hit Points (HP), the player can select one of three randomly chosen heirs, which can be raised to six with a later update. Each descendent has its own set of qualities and talents, including genetic anomalies like colorblindness. Gold discovered while exploring the castle may be spent to upgrade the character’s equipment and talents, which are then handed down to the character’s heirs. 

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Gold may be obtained through destroying furniture, unlocking chests, or fighting adversaries. There are also other fairy treasures hidden around the castle, most of which need the player to achieve an objective, such as taking no damage in the area, in order to be opened. Read the below guide in which we have mentioned the Rogue Legacy best items, weapons, and much more.

Rogue Legacy Best Items

In Rogue Legacy, the Blacksmith is the first upgrade. Armour and weapons are sold by the blacksmith. Swords, helmets, chest plates, limbs, and capes are among the items sold by the blacksmith. To get more equipment, you’ll need to collect blueprints from boxes first, then buy them to equip them. The Squire Sword, Squire Helm, and Squire Limbs are unlocked at the beginning of the game, although they must be purchased before being utilized.

The objects gain strength and utility as they go from left to right and from the first to the second row, but the third row often trades overall power for a bonus function. Below are the best Rogue Legacy items

  • Royal Sword
  • E sword
  • Dragon Sword
  • Imperial Sword
  • Retribution Sword
  • Guardian Sword
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Rogue Legacy gameplay
GAmeplay (YouTube)

Rogue Legacy Best Weapons

Pepperoni Pizza

This weapon is a thrown projectile that spins in position for a short period of time before returning to the player. If the player does not catch the pizza projectile, it will chase him, accumulating time and causing more damage.

However, it requires a big amount of space to move through, which is not always guaranteed from room to room, this is not a completely dependable technique of benefitting from damage. Furthermore, because most of the weapon’s damage is dependent on opponents remaining stationary, players using this Fabled Weapon may find it difficult to deal with more mobile enemies.

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Charon’s Scythe

When obtained through the Soul Shop, Charon’s Scythe becomes an additional weapon option for the Mage Class, with a lot of potential for high damage output. Every weapon attack deals with two hits: the first Skill Crits foes with high health, while the second Skill Crits enemies with low health. 

This mechanism can let players slay a room full of enemies with low health pools in no time. The fact that the weapon strike propels the player forward automatically might, however, result in the player colliding head-on with the creature they’re attempting to kill. To minimize unnecessary health loss, players should strive to arrange themselves so that they dash above or below adversaries.

Bag O’ Spoons

If purchased from the Soul Shop, the Bag o’ Spoons is a projectile weapon that may be used instead of the Chef’s Frying Pan. It replaces the melee weapon with an arcing ladle that bounces after hitting any surface or adversary. 

This weapon has a learning curve in that players must let the Spoon projectile bounce before striking an adversary in order to maximize damage and gain the much-desired Skill Crit. Putting some distance between the player and the adversary, or bouncing the projectile off a wall or ceiling, may be required at times

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Rogue Legacy gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Rogue Legacy Best Gold-Boosting Traits


The Diva Trait is a little different from the others in that it has a theatrical twist to it. It darkens the screen and only shines spotlights on specific areas of it. Players will be able to see themselves, opponents, and projectiles, but dangers like floor spikes and other traps will be hidden, making area navigation considerably more difficult. Players can literally slip into one of the worst gaming habits and fall into spikes if they are not aware of them.

However, as a compromise, this Trait provides a larger gold boost of +50%, as well as the extra bonus of telling the player when all foes in a room have been eliminated with brief applause and a rose-showering animation.

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This trait is excellent for gold farming because it exposes the whole map and highlights every lootable item on it. Players may plan their path to reach every chest, fairy chest, and the special room now that the map has been there, so they can get the most out of the 25% gold increase this Trait provides.

Because the player’s marker is not revealed, it may take some time to figure out where they are, but given landmarks, it should be rather simple. This is the Trait to utilize if players wish to make a run to gain more gold to enhance their Castle. Especially if combined with a Trait like Compulsive Gambling, which increases the probability of getting considerably more money from chests.

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The Nostalgic Trait rewards you with a 25% gold bonus in return for applying a grainy film-style filter on everything. This is virtually a risk-free tradeoff in exchange for a substantial gold bump. The only possible drawback is that some destructible walls concealing secrets comparable to some of gaming’s most famous hidden rooms may be a little tougher to notice.

However, gamers with a trained eye should be able to identify them nonetheless. Aside from that, this Trait has no notable negative effects on players and can even provide an aesthetically attractive visual changeup for a run.

Rogue Legacy gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

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