We have brought you The Bard’s Tale guide with some of the best tips and tricks if you are a beginner. Read our guide and have an easy gaming experience.

The Bard’s Tale is a video game franchise that is based on a fantasy role-playing game. It’s a fast-paced game with several objectives to complete. Among other things, you may explore, build your character, and perfect your talents. You may encounter challenges if you are new to the game. But don’t worry; we’ve put up The Bard’s Tale guide to show you some of the greatest methods and approaches.

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The Bard’s Tale Guide: Build a team

In The Bard’s Tale, the first thing you should do is form a team. You may abandon the warriors that the game provides and customize the most settings for each hero. Simply pay attention to your bard’s dexterity, wizard’s intellect, and warrior’s improved strength. 

The Bard’s Tale Guide: Explore carefully

Explore the city when you first leave the Guild of Adventurers. Open the map near the hotel on Trubnaya Street and visit the Armory Chamber of Garth. If you venture too far from the city center, you may encounter a frightening foe. If you are injured, go to the Temple. You can recover your health there. All superfluous things can be sold at Garth’s Armory Chamber.

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The Bard’s Tale Guide: Easiest dungeon

The Bard's Tale gameplay
Gameplay (inXile entertainment)

The easiest dungeons are the wine cellar and sewers. Order a glass of wine from the hotel on Rahir Street. You will get access to the cellar. Traps, a chest, and a staircase to the sewer will be there. Get down to business. There is nothing fascinating on the first floor, so just look for the staircase that leads below. Numerous hints including the moniker Mad God may be found on the second level. Examine the area thoroughly so that you do not overlook anything. Then go to the catacombs.

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Get the Crystal Sword

Take the eye to Harkyn’s castle, which is hidden behind some golems and a dragon statue to the northwest of Skara Brae. Make your bard kneel on the throne to reveal the hidden entrance. Make sure you find and bring the crystal sword with you, and that you equip it on everyone who can use it.

The Bard’s Tale Guide: Houton Woods

Kunal Trow, who shoots arrows and impales you with spears, abound in this woodland. You should always have a thunder spider with you. Step back and shoot from a safe distance, allowing the puppy to make the most of the impact. Fight your way through the forest to the Jail, being sure not to miss any of the tree stump goodies along the way. Save your money outside the jail so you may chuckle at the inside jokes.

You can attack with your dog

Your dog can also attack if you have the Dog Handler skill. This is a great dog. He’d just be a pretty cute puppy if he didn’t have this ability. Every bard requires a dog, particularly one that will attack for him as he stands in the background.

The Bard's Tale gameplay
Gameplay (inXile entertainment)

Energy Rosco shop

Visit the Energy Rosco shop in the Grand Plaza, which is at the intersection of Gray Knife Street. You’ll discover how to restore spell points there. This is a quick but costly alternative; if you don’t have the funds, return to the Guild of Adventurers and wait.

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Enter the temple and tell the priest TARDJAN. The catacombs’ initial level is a survival challenge. Go down if you can figure it out. A key to Mag God may be found on the second level. Look for it. A monster lurks in the south-west corner, which you have yet to defeat. Get down to the bottom. To go to the Kingdom of the Magician, utilise the teleporter in the southeast corner of the third level of the catacombs. To obtain the Eye, defeat the sorcerer. Get out of the catacombs as soon as possible.

Keep these things with you always

The Bard's Tale gameplay
Gameplay (inXile entertainment)

If you can, have Dragon’s Bile Bombs and Grappling Hooks on hand at all times, since they will allow you to access regions you couldn’t otherwise.

The Fairyhaunt Woods

For first-level Bards, this woodland is a nice spot to explore. Except for groups of voracious wolves, that is. There’s also a woodsman who advises you to obtain a bow. If you enjoy shooting stuff, you should. However, you must first kill several wolves in order to obtain wolf pelts and money. Don’t overlook the tree stumps that function as chests: someone has hidden riches for you to discover.

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