Want some smashing cookies who can help you win and score more? Do not worry, we have a list of the best destruction and scoring cookies.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak (commonly abbreviated as CROB) is a Devsisters game that was launched on September 26, 2016. Cookie Run retains many aspects of its original design, such as the side-scrolling arcade action and many of the aesthetics, although its scoring system and leaderboard have been altered significantly, and the game features new Cookies, Pets, and Treasures. It contains new mechanics like Champions League, Guilds, and a Breakout Mode that were not previously available in LINE Cookie Run and Kakao Cookie Run.

Trophy Race, a real-time competitive PVP mode, is the most popular of the game variants. Guild Runs, which are team-based, have been added to the game. The camera may zoom in or out farther, allowing portions with more vertical movement and stages with multiple pathways to be added.

Skills and combo bonuses of several Cookies and Pets have been altered. Magic Candy may drastically alter a Cookie’s capabilities. Many of the Cookies and Pets are new, including the Hello Kitty, Mimmy, and Cookiedroid crossover characters, while some from prior games have been left out. So for you, we have a list of the best destruction and scoring cookies of the game.

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Best Destruction and Scoring Cookies: Difference

Scoring Cookies frequently outperform destruction cookies on long, dense, and hazardous maps. Destruction Cookies outperform Scoring Cookies on maps that are either devoid of jellies or have levels that are too short for Destruction Cookies to make the most of their strength. 

The Destruction Cookies perform poorly in Story Mode and perform much better as main or relay cookies in Trophy Run. Scoring Cookies perform much better in Story Mode and occasionally make poor main cookies in Trophy Run. Slower-moving scorers also play well on event-based maps, particularly those that require you to dodge some jellies while grabbing others. A Destruction Cookie with a speed-increasing blast talent is more likely to miss whatever vital event goal you’re attempting to capture!

Best Destruction and Scoring Cookies: Destruction cookies

Knight Cookie

Knight Cookie
Knight Cookie (Image credit: Cookierun fandom)

The Knight Cookie is the quickest cookie in the game, to the point that their extremely insane Blast speed creates for hilarious meme films. While they’re rarely used in Trophy Race (because they’re so focused on going fast that they suffer in maps with few Blast pickups), they’re a staple on most of the top Leaderboard teams in Breakout Special Episode 1, with a heavily fed, costumed Knight Cookie on most of the top teams simply for their ability to make the most of certain Blast-heavy spots.

Wind Archer Cookie

Wind Archer Cookie
Wind Archer Cookie (Image credit: Cookierun fandom)

Only available once you’ve reached the Champions League, and for good cause. Their ability entails the appearance of demonic spirits as you flee. You may fire them while sliding, which, by the way, destroys any obstructions your arrow flies through!

They get a Wind Dash after killing enough Evil Spirits, which allows them to run fast while shooting. When it ends, they fire a huge arrow that kills any remaining Evil Spirits while doing useful amounts of collateral damage to any obstacles, bystanders, or other things you may have run into and lost Energy over. They frequently appear in Champion’s League Combi Rankings, and you should be wary of them if you encounter them as an opponent.

Dark Enchantress Cookie

Dark Enchantress Cookie
Dark Enchantress Cookie (Image credit: Cookierun fandom)

This is probably the only character who eats jelly throughout the entire game. Because their self-healing is outstripped by their low energy count, Dark Enchantresses are usually incredibly weak the first time you obtain them. Once her talent activates, which entails wicked grabby hands appearing from another realm and consuming jelly while demolishing barriers, their self-healing begins.

She starts staying long enough for her self-healing to matter a lot and heaps on the points along with the body count until she achieves her lengthy, difficult-to-acquire upgrades. Dark Enchantress’ pet, the Eternal Eye of Darkness, slows her Energy depletion, thereby counteracting her major flaw. They also shoot death rays for additional Destruction and Beam of Darkness points.

Scorpion Cookie

Best Destruction and Scoring Cookies
Scorpion Cookie (Image credit: Cookierun fandom)

So you play Ninja Cookie for fun since, despite being rare, he has seven hops instead of the usual two. Your relatively low score, on the other hand, has been getting on your nerves recently. Then Scorpion Cookie appears in your gacha. Hurray! Scorpion Cookie is an improvement to Ninja Cookie since it is an epic with 5 hops and considerably superior destruction and scoring abilities. Both have charged manually-controlled attacks, thereby converting the game into a side-scrolling shooter. 

With Scorpion Cookie, though, you barely need to aim because their bullets fan out! They have 5 wide-spray shots that reload when you double leap and push Slide. Scorpion may go on a mini-dash that smashes through barriers if the green bar is charged and Scorpion is out of bullets. A stinger shot from a scorpion carried magic candy sprayed needles over a larger area, and a dash along with a scorpion stinger attack followed the dash.

Best Destruction and Scoring Cookies: Scoring Cookies

Butter Pretzel Cookie

Best Destruction and Scoring Cookies
Butter Pretzel Cookie (Image credit: Cookierun fandom)

Thankfully, this fussy painter is one of the simpler minigame sweets to master. Colored paint tubes occasionally get in the way of making butter pretzel cookies. The Butter Pretzel will inform you which color they want, and you must get it by twice leaping for the one on top, jumping once for the one in the middle, or sliding for the one below.

You receive 4 tubes, after which a canvas appears for Butter Pretzel to paint on, and you must use the Jump and Slide controls to make her paint as quickly as possible. This awards you a large number of points while also obliterating any impediments in the vicinity of the painting.

Chocolate Bonbon Cookie

Best Destruction and Scoring Cookies
Chocolate Bonbon Cookie (Image credit: Cookierun fandom)

The Choco Bonbon Cookie is tough to utilize at first, but with practice, one may become used to it and reap the benefits. They’re similar to cookies like Walnut Cookie in that they come with a minigame in which you must match a pair of garments to a list given to you.

Newcomers may get alert by the fact that the minigame comes almost immediately after the run begins. But unlike Sour Belt, you don’t need perfect timing, just a keen eye. You’ll become accustomed to them, and winning the minigame will reward you with a large number of points.

Shining Glitter Cookie

Best Destruction and Scoring Cookies
Shining Glitter Cookie (Image credit: Cookierun fandom)

The Shining Glitter is a nice pick if you’re not sure what to anticipate. She’s a scoring cookie with some destructive ability after acquiring her Magic Candy. They have a minigame where you have to time your taps to strike sound waves flowing toward her while she sings. This is forgiving, yet it can be difficult for people using extremely large tablets or playing on emulators with their massive computer screens: 

Because soundwaves come in from all sides, a smaller screen means you’ll be less likely to move your eyes left and right. As a result of their Magic Candy, they can drive around the road, running over pedestrians, obstacles, and traffic laws.

Ginseng Cookie

Best Destruction and Scoring Cookies
Ginseng Cookie (Image credit: Cookierun fandom)

Sometimes, Ginseng Cookie smashes the ground with his staff to dig Ginseng plants out of the earth, which is as easy as cookies can get. These are worth a lot of points, but they aren’t what distinguishes him. His Magic Candy is one of the most dependable resurrection items in the game, and it’s a little easier to enhance than Treasures. Furthermore, their ginseng spamming skills grow more potent after a revive.

This makes them an excellent Trophy Run Relay Cookie behind a Destruction Cookie since they’re a unique combination of high scoring and longevity without requiring you to bring their pet, as an Angel Cookie requires. Just make sure you don’t collide with anything since they don’t have much in the way of terrain avoidance! It’s technically true that the ginseng summoning staff bump destroys all obstacles it lands on, but it’s not exactly catastrophic destruction.

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