In the Cookie Run Kingdom, the ideal toppings for Parfait Cookies are generally complete Swift Chocolate or full Solid Almond.

Parfait is a healer, plain and simple. The character hangs out in the back of the group, and her skill replenishes allies’ health and grants them a buff that increases their defense and resistance to debuffs. Basically, you want to keep her on the field as long as possible or set it up, so she can exercise her skill as frequently as possible.

Going all-in on Solid Almond is definitely the best option, particularly in PvP. In games like this, it’s usually a good idea to strengthen your healers, therefore I recommend doing so. You may also go with full Swift Chocolate if it works better for you and allows Parfait to utilize her healing ability more frequently.

The Story of the Parfait Cookie Toppings

This singer-songwriter Cookie struggles to stand out with his bright colors and sweet toppings in a world where there’s always a new celebrity idol! The distinctive style of the parfait cookie is layers of chocolate and candy with dripping syrup on top. Cookie has already composed dozens of his own songs despite still being a rookie. The melodies of Parfait Cookie’s songs may be unique and creative, but her lyrics are always straightforward and true, like vanilla ice cream.

Build of Parfait Cookie Toppings

Parfait Cookie Toppings
Cookie Run Kingdom
  • Searing Raspberry X5
  • CD reduction using X5 Swift Chocolate

X5 Searing Raspberry Toppings with CD Substats is the greatest Parfait Cookie Toppings construction set in the Cookie Run Kingdom. It amplifies the efficiency of her primary talent, which restores friends’ HP and provides a DEF bonus. The Swift Choco build set is an alternate Parfait Cookie Toppings build set that decreases the cooldown of the Parfait skill, allowing you to use it more rapidly during battle.

Skill Info for Parfait Cookie Toppings

The Story of the Parfait Cookie Toppings
Cookie run kingdom
  • Parfait Cookie takes up the mike and sings her heart out. All friendly troops aka allies will recover some HP and gain a boon that increases DEF and resilience to debuffs after being touched by the serious and sincere song.
  • The base of 17 seconds CD
  • Healing: 14.4% of ATK every X1.0 sec for the next X7.0 sec (+0.2% Healing every level)
  • DEF: +10.0 percent for X7.0 sec
  • 40.0 percent Debuff Resist for X7.0 sec

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