Soul Tide Tier List – Best Characters in the Game (July 2023)

Do you want to know who are the best characters in Soul Tide? Read our guide for the Soul Tide tier list, which ranks the best units.

Soul Tide is a one-of-a-kind game that combines anime female collections, house modeling, and dungeon exploration. It is set in a hypothetical universe where witches have wreaked devastation on the planet, and players are entrusted with turning the tide. 

Soul Tide is a Japanese role-playing game. There’s action, intrigue, a compelling plot, and everything else you’d expect from a fantastic role-playing game. In this two-dimensional RPG, you’ll meet new characters, fight new beasts, guard your community, and travel throughout the world. Along with the tier list, we will also be discussing some of the best characters that you can choose. Here is the Soul Tide Tier list.

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Soul Tide Tier List: S Tier

  • Lily Iro
  • Colcher 
  • Asa Hoshimi 
  • Mako Sakuya 

Soul Tide Tier List: A Tier

  • Kanagi Benten 
  • Virgina 
  • Ennis 
  • Andrea

Soul Tide Tier List: B Tier

  • Freesia 
  • Minerdwen 
  • Satya
  • Nangong Rin 
  • Jiuhua
  • Yuki Hazuki 
  • Auora
  • Yumesaki Ototsuki 
  • Ruri Hagakure 

Soul Tide Tier List: C Tier

  • Nicorette Lamer 
  • La Villa
Soul Tide characters
Soul Tide Characters (LemcnSun Entertainment)
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Keep in mind that the tier ranking is subjective and based on our own preferences.  Each character has its own set of talents and abilities. Some characters excel in all game types, while others excel just in certain game modes. Also, keep in mind that team chemistry is quite important; you’ll need to carefully select your team members based on the enemies you’ll be facing.

Best Soul Tide Characters


The battleship Akaset served in the Royal Navy of Zoek, a core member of the Universe Alliance. After her AI module was broken beyond repair, it was recovered and converted into her current synthetic humanoid body. Despite her superior computing skills, Akaset is unable of distinguishing between a hug and an approaching attack. Akaset, being a super AI, has her own personality. She prefers to stay in her passive idle state and only acts when she is directed to do so.

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Asuna is a superb tactician and strategist who can foretell the future while posing as an ordinary JK. Some argue that “with power comes great responsibility.” As if to prove the validity of that assertion, Asuna becomes the head of a rebel group. She’s noted for being resolute and serene when she’s not on a task, which contrasts with her girlish personality. Her razor-sharp tongue has the potential to make your heart skip a beat or two.

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Soul Tide characters
Soul Tide Characters (LemcnSun Entertainment)


Since she was born as the crown princess of the Solitary Realm, Colcher has been destined to be the future queen of the Solitary Realm. She is committed to her subject, yet she is unfamiliar with the general public. Her obsessive interest in every day is a result of her childhood behind the castle’s walls. As a noble, Colcher is well-versed in the art of tea celebrations. Bubble tea, a low-class drink popular in town, is her favorite drink.

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