How to Complete A Knight’s Toil in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Are you confused about how to complete A Knight’s Toil in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands? Do not worry. Our guide will help you complete this quest.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands builds on the precedents established by the Borderlands series while striking the new ground in critical areas. Instead of playing as a certain vault hunter with their own personality and voice lines, players may construct their own characters using the game’s character creation function. For the first time in the series, players may mix and match their skills across six distinct character classes.

A bold hero needs bravery, honor, and a formidable weapon! Help Claptrap satisfy at least one of these requirements.  A Knight’s Toil is a side goal in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. A Knight’s Toil may be unlocked during Main Quest 4: Thy Bard. It’s in the Weepwild Dankness region of the Dank Encroachment area. You will get this quest by the Quest Board. You must be at least level 13 to begin this quest. 

A Knight's Toil quest location
Quest Location (YouTube)
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This side mission will require players to face multiple tough enemies, including Mervin the Wizard, so they should be prepared. To have more fun,  players may accomplish this quest on their own. However, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Crossplay makes it easier to join up with other players. Read our guide below to know how to complete A Knight’s Toil quest. 

How to start

Players must fast travel to the Dank Encroachment fast travel point in Weepwlind Dankness to begin A Knight’s Toil. When players arrive in Dank Encroachment, they should see an “!”  near the Vending Machines, where they will begin the quest. Claptrap will then approach the player and invite them to accompany him to Lake Lady.

How to Complete A Knight’s Toil: Lady Lake

Talking with Lady Lake
Talking with Lady Lake (YouTube)

Claptrap directs the player to Lady Lake, where they can seek her assistance in finding a magical weapon. Lady Lake, on the other hand, demands a favor in the form of “taking care” of her obnoxious Goblin neighbors. Players should now follow the quest marker to a location with multiple small houses and a big drum being played by several Goblins.

The player will be attacked by the drumming Goblins, who will be joined by other Goblin Gunslingers who will emerge from neighboring cottages. Players can return to Lady Lake once they’ve dealt with their problems.

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How to Complete A Knight’s Toil: Fight with Llance and Squires

Talking with Llance
Talking with Llance (YouTube)

Claptrap and the player proceed to the site of the mythical sword Extra-Caliber, but the sword is guarded by Llance and his frog-like Squires. Llance then informs the player that they will only be able to pass if they become King of the Cap.

The player and Claptrap are then taunted by Llance, who teleports to a nearby mushroom on a huge tree. Players must now use a melee smash strike on the Mushroom to knock him off. Llance’s Squires will assault the player after knocking him off, and Llance will join in the fight shortly after.

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How to Complete A Knight’s Toil: Defeat King Archer

Defeat King Archer
Defeat King Archer (YouTube)

After managing to draw Extra-Caliber, Claptrap instructs the player to fight King Archer and reclaim his hand, which can only be removed by a noble hand. Unfortunately, King Archer is a formidable opponent, as he will summon a swarm of Round Table Knights that will teleport about the region on a regular basis. Because King Archer and his minions have armor, the best approach to deal with him is to utilize Poison Elemental Damage on them.

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The last part to complete the quest

Claptrap discovers Mervin’s hidden tower in a nearby cave after receiving the sword Extra-Caliber. Mervin is annoyed that Claptrap has Extra-Caliber, therefore he wants to put him through a series of tests, but Claptrap instructs the player to finish the tasks.

Mervin confines the player in a horrible jail after passing various challenges. Claptrap, on the other hand, helps the player by inadvertently teleporting them into an Unreal Engine room using the Transform tool and a few blank game items. Players must confront Mervin and numerous of his clones after returning to Mervin’s Tower. 

Return to Mervin's tower to complete A Knight's Toil quest
Return to Mervin’s tower (YouTube)

Claptrap will give the player 4436 XP, $7730, and a rare Spell called “Holey Spell-Nade of Omens,” which does huge AOE damage when vanquished.

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