Are you confused about which operator to choose? Read our Rainbow Six Siege operators tier list; it will help you decide.

A first-person shooter game, Rainbow Six Siege uses a wide variety of operators from the Rainbow Six team. Operators come in various nationalities, with different weapons, and with different gadgets. As a result, the teams’ abilities are not always balanced between the teams in this asymmetrical game.  

Additionally, players have the option of employing a “Recruit” operator, who is equipped with a more flexible selection of equipment at the price of a unique gadget or the ability to customize their weapon. Players may select any operator from any defending or attacking unit before a round begins; they may choose their spawn point as well as attachments for their guns; once the round begins, players are not allowed to change their choices. 

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By purchasing operators or cosmetics in the in-game store, players can earn Renown by completing in-game tasks. To select some of the best operators in your team, here is our Rainbow Six Siege operators tier list.

Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List

Tier lists are techniques for evaluating characters or in-game components subjectively based on their likelihood of success in video games. Characters with higher tier scores are believed to be more powerful than those with lower-tier scores, according to a tier list. As a result, they’re more prevalent in high-level competitive contexts, such as tournaments.

S tier

Comparatively, these are the strongest and most powerful characters in the game. As far as base stats, skills, and abilities are concerned, they are the most powerful.

A tier

Characters with large power levels are valuable assets for your party. It is difficult to place them in every team composition or lineup, but they are extremely powerful. When you want to be a step ahead of your competition, use one of them.

 Rainbow Six Siege operator
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B tier

Most party compositions can incorporate these characters since they are fairly powerful. While they aren’t always perfect, they are still good enough to do the job. If you’re looking for an average character that’s easy to play, choose one of these.

C tier

Characters in this Tier are not as powerful as those in Tier A and Tier B, but they are still useful. You must be careful when using them, since they may not fit into all-party compositions.

D tier

Characters like these have the lowest impact and should only be used if there are no other options. Avoid using them if you wish to win.

F tier

Meta players often refer to the F Tier as the worst tier of the game. F Tier builds are rarely played and are almost never successful. They are amusing for a few minutes, but they aren’t feasible. It is unlikely that these builds will be viable for the meta any time soon unless they are buffed.

Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List

S tier operators and their roles

  • Hibana – Attacker
  • Bandit – Defender
  • Thermite – Attacker
  • Mira – Defender
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A tier operators and their roles

  • Maverick – Attacker
  • Thatcher –  Attacker
  • Ash –  Attacker
  • Doc – Defender
  • Valkyrie – Defender
  • Jager – Defender
  • Lesion – Defender
  • Twitch – Attacker 

B tier operators and their roles

  • Buck – Attacker
  • Caveira – Defender
  • Mute – Defender
  • Zofia – Attacker
  • Pulse – Defender
  • Dokkaebi – Attacker
  • Echo – Defender
  • Ela – Defender
  • Jackal – Attacker
  • Kaid – Defender
  • Maestro – Defender
  • Rook – Defender
  • Sledge – Attacker
  • Smoke – Defender
  • Vigil – Defender

C tier operators and their roles

  • Blackbeard Attacker
  • Nomad – Attacker
  • Finka – Attacker
  • Frost – Defender
  • Gridlock – Attacker
  • Castle – Defender
  • IQ – Attacker
  • Kapkan – Defender
  • Mozzie – Defender
 Rainbow Six Siege operator
Cutscene (Ubisoft)
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D tier operators and their roles

  • Blitz – Attacker
  • Fuze – Attacker
  • Lion – Attacker
  • Montagne – Attacker
  • Warden – Defender
  • Ying – Attacker

F tier operators and their roles

  • Capitao – Attacker
  • Glaz – Attacker
  • Clash – Defender
  • Tachanka – Defender

So this was our Rainbow Six Siege operators tier list. You might prefer other operators, and it is totally up to you. You can play with your own choice and improve as much as possible, or you can select the above operators and start playing.

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