We have brought you the Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Tier List. We have also mentioned the best from each tier, so read till the end.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel is the series’ newest title, and everyone is quickly enamored with it. Given a result, many players are still attempting to figure out the game’s new ranking system, as the game has just recently been published. Master Duel, like the other games in the Yu-Gi-Oh! series is a deck game with a twist. Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel includes its own set of ranks and ranking system that will make your game more competitive and enjoyable.

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel includes a vast cast of characters that you may mix to construct a powerful deck that will help you advance through the game. Every Yu Gi Oh Master Duel card is valuable in some way, but only a handful stand out in particular scenarios. Each card will also include a rating, which will aid you in determining who is superior at the moment. However, this only tells half the story, since there are a few more elements that determine the finest Yu Gi Oh Master Duel cards.

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Rank

There are now five rankings that may be gained, each of which has several stages through which you can go. Rookie, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum are the Yu-Gi-Oh Master Duel rankings, except for Rookie, which includes two tiers.

The animals that correspond to the rankings are also featured on your profile, with the animal that fits your rank being displayed. So, if you want to get past the rabbit and have a wasp, deer, hawk, or wolf on your profile, you’d best start fighting.

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Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Tier List: S Tier

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Tier List
Yu Gi Oh Master Duel (Image credit: Steam)

Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon – As part of the Blue-Eyes strategy, this card imposes a limit on how many Special Summons players can use. Also, it can switch out with another Synchro Dragon of the same level.

Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon – Reveal a “Blue-Eyes White Dragon,” and you have a Level 8 beat stick with the same name as the dragon, but one that assists you in destroying a card each turn.

Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis – Although this card requires tributes to function, it can also be activated using the cards in the hand as a tribute effect. It is necessary to clear the field of monsters and the back row with face-up cards or cards that have already been drawn.

Kiteroid – The fact that Kiteroid can block two attacks in potentially game-ending situations makes it a popular choice, even in non-machine Decks.

Harpie Channeler – This card can Special Summon a fellow “Harpie” from the Deck, making it a valuable piece of the archetype’s power. It is possible to build up a massive card advantage by using the right cards for their effects.

Cyber Slash Harpie Lady – Designing a build around an archetype that doesn’t have tuners is definitely an advantage worth noting. Card negations usually target card destruction effects, so this card also returns cards to the hand when a Spell Card is activated.

Vermillion Dragon Mech – Getting a card advantage on the field by banishing Tuners from your graveyard is a nice trade-off against opponents who fail to expect other Synchro Monsters.

Best from S Tier

Elemental HERO Stratos – Regardless of the HERO Deck sub archetype, this card remains a staple. It provides both offensive power and search power, while also providing back-row destruction when needed.

Chaos Dragon Levianeer – With its instant summoning effect and stellar stats, this card is one of the most powerful “Chaos” monsters in the game.

Dragon Spirit of White – This card can banish cards whenever it gets Special Summoned, making it crucial to this Yu Gi Oh Master Duel tier list with Blue-Eyes Decks. This may also make it easier to get “Blue-Eyes White Dragon” out to the field.

Gaia the Magical Knight of Dragons – This monster is able to quickly transform into an overwhelming creature, or it can trade its power for the ability to destroy a pesky card on the field. In light of its archetype, it is also surprisingly easy to set up and summon with Fusion Summons.

Number 70: Malevolent Sin – When left alone, this monster can attack and destroy monsters endlessly, and it can also banish monsters off the field for a turn when left alone! 

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Tier List: A Tier

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Tier List
Yu Gi Oh Master Duel (Image credit: Steam)

D/D Swirl Slime – Primarily a replacement for Fusion Spells for the D/D archetype. Especially with an archetype that relies on chaining Special Summons, its ability to Special Summon a D/D monster from its hand is very game-changing.

Zubababancho Gagagacoat – By creating this card, you are able to summon 3 or more Monsters out on the field more easily when using the onomatopeia archetype.

Chimeratech Rampage Dragon – Despite requiring multiple “Cyber Dragon” monsters to maximize its effect, this card is still as powerful as it is thanks to Zane Truesdale’s Skills. As a result, it supports both the archetypes, as well as the Spell Cards, which expand the legal cards for use as Fusion Materials.

Best from A Tier

Maiden with Eyes of Blue – When Maiden with Eyes of Blue is targeted while in Attack Position, she will unleash the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, which can act as a wall monster all on its own. In addition to being a tuner, it is a good monster to use when considering switching to Synchro Monsters.

Red Nova Dragon – This card gained huge popularity and many decks revolved around it dominating the competitive metagame, much like Shooting Star Dragon. After several Synchro Summons are completed to get this monster to the field, it is difficult for many monsters to compete with a powerful Red Nova Dragon.

Photon Strike Bounzer – As card monsters’ effects dominate the metagame, this card allows you to negate their effects while also inflicting burn damage afterward. This card is well worth summoning if you have Level 6 monsters on the field.

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Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Tier List: B Tier

Yu Gi Oh Master Duel Tier List
Yu Gi Oh Master Duel (Image credit: Steam)

Deep-Eyes White Dragon – Many times, the Deep-Eyes White Dragon is not brought to the party as a last resort, since it is already so strong. There are some pretty cool effects, however, such as burn damage, a monster nuke effect, and the ability to copy as much ATK as possible from one of your dragons.

Jinzo – Still a strong monster in Duel Links despite the current meta’s focus on fast Special Summons, Jinzo can deny all trap cards. The card can even be given to another Deck if the prerequisites are met for it to be summoned quickly.

Diamond Dire Wolf – To activate this card, you must destroy one of your own monsters, but it also negates the destruction of another card. Furthermore, the monster types mentioned in its effect will become common archetypes in the future.

Photon Papilloperative – When a monster is forced from defense into attack position with a lower ATK, it leaves it open for strong monsters to exploit and do even greater damage. Decks that are oriented toward defense or stall are perfect for this deck.

Best from B Tier

Heroic Champion – Excalibur – While Heroic monsters are generally underwhelming, this card is surprisingly powerful. With a certain Heroic Spell Card, it can reach OHKO territory with 8000 ATK, and with a second chance, it can double its original ATK to 4000.

Black Rose Dragon – If a player wants to completely wipe out the field, Black Rose Dragon is the ideal monster to use. It has a “Rose Dragon” archetype to support its other effects, which makes it easy to get out because of generic requirements.

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