Are you looking for some of the best heroes in this idle RPG game? Our Tales of Grimm Tier List will give you what you need.

Tales of Grimm is a fantastic RPG game that is developed by TAPPLUS. The game is very interesting as it features a dark take on the popular fairy tale characters. You can play as the Dreamer. Your job will be to lead an army of a vast variety. It includes heroes, creatures, and other entities. By this, you will be helping the natives of the fantastical land of Oz.

There are lots of things you can do in Tales of Grimm. You will have to make a proper formation, and the victory will be in your hands. The heroes will never stop fighting. Therefore, keep coming back to get lots of rewards. You won’t have to do those old-style swipes in the battles. Several taps are enough for you to win. You can grow every minute by collecting the treasures for the heroes. However, you have to know which hero is the strongest. For that, you will have to read our Tales of Grimm tier list.

Tales of Grimm heroes
Tales of Grimm heroes (TAPPPLUS)
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Tales of Grimm Tier List

We have divided the tier list from tier S to tier C. This means the strongest characters will be in the S tier and the characters in the low tier will be less powerful. This will help you to understand who is the strongest. This does not mean that the lower characters are not strong. Everyone comes with their merits and demerits.

It is not necessary that the tier list will suit your gameplay. It might be possible that the low-tier characters will be more beneficial and suitable for your gameplay. So always keep experimenting and try different characters. 

Few tips for you

Here are a few tips before you start with the Tier list. Keep these things in mind. It will surely benefit you in the game and you will grab victories in no time.

Take Triton as a guardian. Triton’s second talent, Neptune Aid, has the power to cover your teammate with the greatest attack stats, ensuring that you have a well-protected damage dealer who won’t be pulled out of the fight soon.

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Tales of Grimm gameplay
Gameplay (TAPPLUS)

Weakness, Red Queen’s passive skill, excels at detecting her opponent’s flaws. Her strike also has a 20% chance to burn her opponent when used in conjunction with their initial talent, Blade Furry. This deals significant damage to enemies in the front and mid-row and also provides her a 50% chance to burn the enemy. This move also causes the enemy guardian to take 40% more damage.

Shahryar is a capable guardian who has attacking and HP-scaling powers. He has a self-healing ability that is based on his maximum HP. With this, any of his overheal gets transformed into a Healing Shield. Damage equal to the amount of overhealing is absorbed by this barrier.

It is advised that you bring Britney to your formation as a Mage. Britney’s Apple Bomb is a skill in which she launches three apple bombs against three enemies in front and in the middle of the row. This spell inflicts 100% magical damage. If the enemy’s HP is higher than 60%, the explosion of this strike will deliver an additional 20% extra damage.

Tales of Grimm S Tier

  • Red Queen (Warrior)
  • Wonder Allish (Mage)
  • Triton (Guardian)
  • Nesy (Support)
wonder allish
Wonder Allish (TAPPLUS)
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Tales of Grimm A Tier

  • Wukong (Warrior)
  • Black Swan (Mage)
  • Quasi Mortal (Guardian)
  • Thumbelina (Support)

Tales of Grimm B Tier

  • Rogue Jack (Warrior)
  • Britney (Mage)
  • Dark Night (Guardian)
  • Thumboy (Support)
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Tales of Grimm C Tier

  • Timid Leon (Warrior)
  • Red Flora (Mage)
  • Frog Prince (Guardian)
  • Fox John (Support)

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