How to Beat Bloody Finger Okina in Elden Ring – Guide

Here is a guide that will tell you how to beat Bloody Finger Okina and grab one of the best swords in the game as a reward.

The Bloody Finger Okina is a Phantom Invasion NPC in Elden Ring. He wields a unique katana called Rivers of Blood. At Mountaintops of the Giants, the Bloody Finger Okina spawns near the Church of Repose. As far as swords go, Elden Ring’s Rivers of Blood Katana is one of the best. The player must beat Bloody Finger Okina in order to collect it. You do not have to worry about it as we have brought you a guide that will tell you how to beat Bloody Finger Okina in Elden Ring.

Beat Bloody Finger Okina to get the rivers of blood katana
Bloody Finger Okina using the rivers of blood katana (YouTube)
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The player will need to go to the Mountaintops of the Giants in order to find the Rivers of Blood Katana in Elden Ring. You can find the Church of Repose in the southeast part of this area after arriving. Make sure you spend all remaining Runes before arriving at this location. 

Players will be prohibited from leaving until a winner is declared in the upcoming invasion battle. You will see Bloody Finger Okina when you are close enough to the Church of Repose. The Rivers of Blood Katana will be awarded to players if they defeat him.

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How To Beat Bloody Finger Okina

Players will need to worry about the same issues because Bloody Finger Okina wields the same weapon they came to collect. Players who are hit with the Rivers of Blood Katana will experience blood loss. He is extremely aggressive and runs toward the player often, but his attack will leave him wide open to be punished. Bloody Finger Okina can be defeated by baiting him out, and hitting him when he’s wide open.

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It’s best to play wisely to prevent having to trek all the way back to this area. Bloody Finger Okina will drop the Katana for the player to retrieve as soon as the combat is complete. At this stage, players should spend their money on this weapon because it is powerful enough to carry them all the way to Elden Ring’s last monster. Make certain that you have mastered Weapon Skills in order to vanquish all of your adversaries.

Bloody Finger Okina boss fight
Defeat the boss to get the katana (YouTube)

The Rivers of Blood Katana

Elden Ring’s Rivers of Blood Katana is one of the late-game weapons available. As you explore the places, strengthen their characters, and learn the battle techniques, you will find a variety of weaponry. Because of its one-of-a-kind ability, this sword is one of the best swords in the game. The blood loss status ailment, causes opponents to lose more HP than normal over a short period of time.

Elden Ring’s bosses can be incredibly challenging, but this weapon can be extremely helpful. As a result of the weapon’s skill, Corpse Piler, the player will be able to rapidly swing the blade across the ground, hitting everything in its path. To use it, the player must have 12 Strength, 20 Arcane, and 18 Dexterity. In Elden Ring, there are plenty of ways to farm for Runes, making late-game grinding easier.

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