City of Brass Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks

Are you up for a thrilling action-adventure? Our City of Brass guide will provide you with all of the necessary tips and techniques for a seamless gameplay experience.

City of Brass is a single-player dungeon crawler with a first-person perspective. It takes place in a city inspired by the Arabian Nights, with hallways, courtyards, and chambers produced at random. Players assume the character of a burglar on the hunt for a treasure buried deep under a legendary city filled with traps and monsters.

Players must complete each level within a set time restriction while avoiding traps and opponents and collecting wealth along the way to improve their scores. Items discovered in the environment, such as bricks or vases, can be utilized as weapons. Death is permanent in this game, as it is in other dungeon crawlers, and players must restart the game after each playtime. So, to help you out, we have the City of Brass Guide with some tips and tricks.

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City of Brass Guide: Explore the surroundings

People aren’t habituated to leaning down in most first-person games. Uppercut Games took an early build of the City of Brass to a dev meeting when it was still in the planning phases. They’d set a spike pit trap on one side of the first door, one of the first traps you’ll encounter in the game. 

During that test session, every single individual who played the game died. Traps have been iterated and enhanced since then to make them simpler to notice, but only if you look. If you’re not sure there’s nothing on the other side of a door, don’t go through it. Exploring further gives you a better chance of spotting the hidden locations above.

City of Brass Guide: Wishes

In the City of Brass, you are granted three wishes at the start of each run. Wishing on a store genie unlocks more powerful products to buy while wishing on an enemy genie turns them to your side. In a single run, wish effects remain at overall levels, but there is a cost. Spending a wish to enhance a genie who can bestow health, for example, can dramatically raise the genie’s future cost, making it a huge loot drain if you need it later in the game. 

Any genies you’ve wished for will arrive in the final confrontation if you make it all the way to the heart of The City of Brass. They will have one more opportunity to modify your gear or assist you in the final battle. And if you can make it to the last fight without wasting any wishes, you’ll be in a really strong position.

Genie in City of Brass
Genie (Uppercut games)
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City of Brass Guide: Pads of Silence and Talisman of Confusion

The Pads of Silence allow you to approach enemies before they spot you. On the other hand, the Talisman of Confusion does what its name says. It confuses the enemies for two seconds when they would usually pursue after you. If you have these things, you can sneak up on your enemies and surprise them.

As hard as you can, hit the legs and heads

hit the enemy's head or legs
Attacking the enemy’s head (Uppercut Games)

While firing at an enemy’s head or legs, press L2 to briefly stun them. If you strike them in the head, they’ll clutch their heads in anguish, and if you hit them in the legs, they’ll fall off their feet. It is frequently advised to go for the legs because they are bigger and easier to attack.

Avoid enemies from two areas

Do not go out into the open. In other words, avoid going anywhere where opponents may attack from both sides. If at all feasible, approach new locations such that all enemies are in front of you.

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Do not hesitate to run away from enemies

Remember that pushing the circle button while racing ahead allows you to slide, which is quicker than walking. In addition, instead of waiting for bothersome traps, you may glide past them. By the way, once you’ve disarmed all of the traps in the city, speedrunning stages become a lot simpler. If you’re only aiming to go through all of the levels, a speedrunning technique isn’t recommended. However, if you’re only performing three stages, it’s a good plan.

Explosions in City of Brass
Explosions (Uppercut Games)

City of Brass Guide: You can restore your health

In return for some gold, Bhetun, the curative, grants you only one heart. You may not realize it, but you might instead wish for him to restore your full health pool. This request like other wishes lasts for the duration of the game, thus every time you encounter Bhetun, he’ll offer to restore your complete health. For any serious complete playthrough, this request is almost a must.

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When it comes to investing, don’t get tangled up

Like a tonne of lead, inflation has blasted into our city. It’s reasonable, given the wealth littered about. The genie merchants can sell you practically anything, from health restoration to magical trinkets, for a high price. Save your money till you reach the third level if you don’t have an urgent need for better health.

Even if you pick up every sparkling object that comes into your peripheral view, if you start spending recklessly, it will all be gone in a flash. This is especially true in the later stages since the genies’ fees will begin to rise as you progress, and this is amplified if you make a wish.

Different types of enemies
Enemies attacking (Uppercut Games)

Chickens are your allies

Have you noticed the flashing chickens on the ground? They’re your allies. When you throw one towards a bunch of enemies, they will begin following after it, allowing you to get the initial hit. You may just simply sprint past them all.

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Avoid large group fights

Avoid large number of Enemies attacking
Enemy groups (Uppercut Games)

In big groupings,  even early-run enemies may easily overpower you. Furthermore, if an enemy is alerted to your existence, they will instantly sprint towards you, regardless of your position in relation to them. When challenged by big numbers, strive to avoid conflict as much as possible. 

Capture grappling points with the whip for swift, quiet movement, hurl ghost chickens to distract sentries, and take the low road if they’re on the high road. The bosses are mainly uninterested in you until you approach their tiny circle of enemies. So, if you have a few enemies, take care of them before beginning the boss fight.

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