Anime Dimensions Tier List – July 2023

Roblox Anime Dimensions is an exciting game. To know which character is the best, read our Anime Dimensions Tier List. 

Roblox’s anime-themed game, Anime Dimensions, is another popular game on Roblox. Gameplay consists of picking a character and completing missions to earn in-game currency (gems), new characters, or upgrades for your existing character. A tier list becomes essential in Anime Dimensions because every character has unique abilities.

We rank every single character in Anime Dimensions not only based on their fighting skills and overall power, but also on their abilities. With all this, you can decide which ones are worth investing in, and then you can go with that character on your journey.

Anime Dimensions Tier List

Anime Dimensions currently has 18 characters, each of whom has its own strengths and abilities. In this tier list, we’ve divided them into categories based on power, and the effectiveness of their abilities during battle.

Our recommendation is to stick with characters in tiers S-C, but those in lower tiers have their uses, too. To make the most of them, you’ll have to practice and use some clever power combinations. In addition, after you’ve accumulated all the top characters, it’s never a bad idea to grab the lower-tier characters, too.

SKodtoki, Alturia
ARamura, Zetsu, Meguretsu
BNojo, Fluffy, Pasta, Tonjuro
CItabori, Roku, Yakaza, Reku
DKirua, Hatsu, Cherry
FNardo, Ichini

Before we go further for the ability rankings, learn how to unlock the characters. It is a simple process as it involves collecting and spending Anime Dimensions’ unique currency.

How to unlock Anime Dimensions characters

You can purchase new characters with gems, as we said. Most of the time, game developers provide game codes as a way to gain in-game gems. As well as a considerable amount, they will include the purchase of an anime character. When the code expires, players can still use the AFK Gym. It’s a good method for developing gems over time, especially if you’re a runner.

Gaining experience through leveling up is a more proactive option. Gamers get 25 gems on the spot every time they level up. Even though it requires a lot of work, having a solid character to practice in the game is worth it.

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Anime Dimensions Tier List based on abilities

This table lists all the abilities for each character in Anime Dimensions, separated by rank. Practicing your abilities is the best way to maximize their damage potential.

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S-Tier Character Abilities

CharacterAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
KodotokiIce WallFire FistFire WallFreezing Heatwave
AlturiaCross SlashFlying SliceMana BurstExcalibur

A-Tier Character Abilities

CharacterAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
RamuraBlack LightningGluttonyFlareGod’s Wrath
ZetsuFlashSix FoldKiwaniThunder God
MeguretsuFlame BurstFlame BeamTornado (flame)Explosion

B-Tier Character Abilities

CharacterAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
NojoBlueRedCurtainHollow Purple
PastaSlash (black)Black MeteoriteBlack HurricaneDivider (black)
TonjuroWater SlashWater WheelWhirlpoolFlowing Dance
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C-Tier Character Abilities

CharacterAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
ItaboriRapid FistDivergent FistBlack FlashCursed Awakening
RokuRapid PunchKi BlastKi BeamSpirit Bomb
YakazaAir ExplosionAnnihilationCrushCompass
RekuFinger SmashHand SmashFlying SmashLighting Smash
Anime Dimensions (Roblox)
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D-Tier Character Abilities

CharacterAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
HatsuWing AttackDragon RoarDragon FistBlaze
CherryHealBlossom CrushThrow KunaiBlossom Strike
KiruaWhirlwindLighting RainThunder PalmGodspeed

F-Tier Character Abilities

CharacterAbility 1Ability 2Ability 3Ability 4
IchiniCrossSpin SlashPiercerSoul Piercer
NardoEnergy BallShadow CloneThrow KunaiEnergy Shuriken

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