Ace Defender Tier List – July 2023

We have brought you a detailed Ace Defender Tier List with some best from their ranks. Read carefully and choose your characters.

Join in the excitement with your pals and show off your combat abilities in 2022’s most exciting tower defense game! Fight and win in this magnificent SRPG masterpiece, where you may add variety to the action by utilizing your brains and developing winning strategies and tactics. While battling for glory with your favorite warriors, travel across the fantasy world and protect your domain with the magnificent features available.

In Ace Defender, players from different camps face off in battles of wits. As you fight the most challenging battle, make sure you interrupt your opponent’s skills and eliminate their ultimate skill buffs. A strategic approach to attack and defense is possible in the game. Taking advantage of your skills at the right time and place will also be key.

It offers easy gameplay and one-click upgrades, as well as hands-free cultivation. The hero squad can be sent to auto fight in one click. Playing the game is as simple as sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying its freedom and simplicity. Below, we have the Ace Defender Tier List that will help you select the best.

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Ace Defender Tier List: S+ Rank

Ace Defender Tier List
Ace Defender (Image credit: Matt Holland)
  • Isoria
  • Nordil


  • Class: Mage
  • Rarity: Immortal 

During Tower Defense variants, Isoria is a solitary attacker. She has the ability to inflict damage on foes while also slowing their mobility, which is useful against enemy waves. She may call a phantom clone to do damage in a specific region, with increased damage over time. By chance, she can summon a Wonder Vortex, which can attract foes and do damage while also offering crowd control. Her attack enhancement from attaining the Devil’s will increases her damaging capabilities as well.

As a Mage, she can deal ranged magic damage to foes in vs battles. She may call phantoms many times to attack adversaries, and it has a chance to fascinate targets, preventing them from assaulting her for a round. During the phantom summon, her attack also rises.


  • Class: Ranger
  • Rarity: Immortal 

During Tower Defense modes, Nordil does Area damage. With his basic skill, he can deliver damage to up to 5 foes. He has the ability to cast a demon shackle, which causes damage to 6 foes while also making them vulnerable. His Raven skill allows him to release demonic force that causes adversaries to bleed and do harm. He may also boost his own attack bonus, increasing his damage output. 

As a Ranger, he deals ranged damage in versus battles. His standard strike inflicts damage to many adversaries in a succession. It has a chance to bind them while he is in the Demonize state, preventing them from performing melee skills or regular attacks.

Ace Defender Tier List: S Rank

Ace Defender Tier List
Ace Defender (Image credit: Matt Holland)
  • Neptyr
  • Karmel
  • Lavigne
  • Angelia
  • Fengling
  • Alipida
  • Sabnack
  • Serenir
  • Titansum
  • Margeria

Ace Defender Tier List: Best from S Rank


  • Class: Tank
  • Rarity: Immortal 

Neptyr is a Control hero in the Tower Defense games. Up to three foes are slowed by his basic ability. The Abyssal Devour skill may be used to slay a dragon and deal damage while slowing down foes.

During versus battles, he acts as a tank. With his basic strike, he has a 50% chance of drowning them, reducing their ATK by 2 rounds. He also has a passive that heals him every round, making him a superb tank. With Abyssal Devour, he delivers damage and is stunned for one round. Finally, Raging Tide enhances his damage by 50%, lowers opponent defense, and heals him whenever an enemy drowns.


  • Class: Ranger
  • Rarity: Immortal 

Angelia is a Tower Defense hero who deals Area Damage. Her standard attack allows her to deliver damage to up to five adversaries. Hail of the Arrows is a talent she has that delivers damage to up to 10 foes in a specific area. Her Ward of the Woods offers her a 30% chance of doing damage and slowing up to 6 foes. 

With Trinity Arrows, she gains boosted damage as well, with a 30% chance to do 3x greater damage with her standard strikes. As a Ranger, she does damage in vs fights. Her basic ability allows her to deal with two random foes in the front row at the same time. Her Hail of the Arrow allows her to inflict damage on all foes.


  • Class: Ranger
  • Rarity: Immortal 

During Tower Defense modes, Fengling deals Area Damage. She can punch up to 3 enemies and inflict burns with her normal attack. Using her Rising Dragon skill, she can inflict high damage as well as a burn on three enemies within her range. Martial Power grants her a 25% chance to deal extra damage and burn three enemies with her normal attacks. As a result of her Phoenix Array, her ATK can be increased by 20%.

She deals damage as a Ranger in versus battles. Using her basic skill, she can cause damage to the front row and blind them if she hits them. The Rising Dragon deals high damage to blinded enemies, and it deals additional damage to high-damage enemies.


  • Class: Support
  • Rarity: Immortal 

When playing Tower Defense, Alipida takes on the role of Control. Her particular skills include destroying and slowing down her opponents. Frost Rain is a skill she possesses that allows her to do damage to up to 12 enemies while simultaneously slowing them. Her Frost Ward ability lets her attack up to six opponents at once, freezing and damaging them. 

She may also turn her usual strike into a special attack that can hit up to four foes at once, with double damage for slower opponents. In versus fights, she helps as a Support. She has the ability to do ranged damage, hit many opponents in a row, and slow them down for two turns.


  • Class: Mage
  • Rarity: Immortal 

During Tower Defense modes, Lavigne is a Control hero. Her basic strikes allow her to deliver damage to up to three adversaries while also slowing them down. Her Starry Nightmare allows her to conjure an assault that does 6 opponents damage and binds them for 2 seconds.

As a Mage, she deals magic damage in vs battles. Her basic strikes provide damage and give you the opportunity to summon a tentacle on a blank tile on your side. Starry Nightmare allows her to strike three foes at once. Finally, the Annihilation instinct allows her to conjure tentacles to assault and deliver ranged damage to an adversary. For two rounds, she provides herself and her tentacles with 5 stacks of a 2% ATK boost.

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Ace Defender Tier List: A Rank

Ace Defender Tier List
Ace Defender (Image credit: Matt Holland)
  • Alia
  • Bathorian
  • Enid
  • Garrod
  • Panka
  • Regel
  • Valkyrie
  • Vladir
  • Zhanyan
  • Zoltan

Ace Defender Tier List: Best from A Rank


  • Class: Mage
  • Rarity: Immortal 

During Tower Defense modes, Alia deals Area damage. As her basic skill, she can attack up to five enemies. With her Pollen Storm skill, she can damage up to 12 enemies within range, and the damage they suffer within the next 3 seconds will be increased. She can also deal double damage to slow targets and damage up to six enemies within her range with Disorienting Butterfly.

As a Mage, she deals magic damage in versus battles. Three random enemies can be affected by her basic attacks. Pollen Storm attacks 4 random enemies four times. If the enemies are asleep, the damage is increased. Additionally, Hypnotic Butterfly causes 3 random enemies to sleep for 2 turns while dealing ranged damage to them.


  • Class: Mage
  • Rarity: Immortal 

During Tower Defense modes, Garrod is an Area-damaging hero. His basic abilities allow him to deliver damage to up to five adversaries. The celestial meteor allows him to do damage to up to 9 foes. Finally, his Celestial Blast allows him to supplement his usual strikes with heavy scorching damage on occasion.

As a Mage, he deals magical harm in battle. His basic strikes inflict ranged damage on an opponent. Celestial Meteor allows him to inflict ranged damage that affects their ATK for two rounds and has the potential to reduce their Crit Chance.


  • Class: Support
  • Rarity: Immortal 

During Tower Defense modes, Regel is an Area damage hero. His fundamental ability allows him to attack up to three adversaries. His Furious Shock ability allows him to do damage to up to 9 adversaries while slowing them down for 3 seconds. Finally, Void Siphon grants him an ATK boost.

He is a Support hero in vs battles. His fundamental skill attacks his opponent twice. Furious Shock hits adversaries three times in succession and has a chance to stun them for one round. Finally, Void Siphon grants him a 50% chance of absorbing the enemy’s void energy, does ranged damage to three random foes, and reduces their ATK and DEF for two rounds.

Ace Defender Tier List: B, C, and D Rank

B, C, and D Rank
Ace Defender (Image credit: Matt Holland)

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Those in the bottom tiers from B to D have only three skills since they are not immortal heroes. Basically, if a Legendary hero qualifies for B, that means their performance surpasses that of the C tier heroes. There is only one purpose for heroes in the D tier, to collect coins.

  • Selia
  • Kahnye
  • Kus
  • Hovede
  • Rex
  • Solzana
  • Lipez
  • Tia
  • Northlid
  • Irasad
  • Lilith
  • Reshis
  • Gilg
  • Thaurissan
  • Arthur
  • Andrew
  • Malfa
  • Mr. Chainsaw
  • Oritok
  • Kroot
  • Allen
  • Logan

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