Princess Connect Re: Dive Tier List – Best Characters (July 2023)

Want good players on your team? Read our Princess Connect tier list of the best characters. Read the tier list carefully and select the best players for your squad. 

The mobile RPG game Princess Connect Re: Dive was developed by Cygames. In PvP modes, players can form parties of up to five people to take on quests or other players. This is a real-time action role-playing game. The game features an intriguing gacha system for obtaining new party members as well as a special feature that allows players to obtain special characters only through these Memory Pieces.

For players to compete in Clan Battles, in which each player has an equal chance of dealing damage to the raid boss, they need to form Clans. Within clan rooms, players can also use either text or emojis to communicate with one another. Adding to the attractiveness of the game are its vibrant colors and ever-growing variety of characters. So we have brought you the

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Princess Connect Tier List

There are five tiers in the Princess Connect character tier list: Tier one is where the strongest characters are found; these units are also known as S-tiers. As we go down the tier list, it means that the characters are weak. This is why they are placed in lower tiers. D-tier characters are the bottom of the barrel and should be avoided at all costs.

In a tier list, characters are ranked according to their strength within a game. A higher tier means that they are better than the others on that list. A party is made up of a variety of unique characters, each with its own set of skills and abilities that make each of them valuable. They are ranked from S to D.

S tier – Comparatively, these are the strongest and most powerful characters in the game. As far as base stats, skills, and abilities are concerned, they are the most powerful.

A tier – Characters with large power levels are valuable assets for your party. It is difficult to place them in every team composition or lineup, but they are extremely powerful. When you want to be a step ahead of your competition, use one of them.

B tier – Most party compositions can incorporate these characters since they are fairly powerful. While they aren’t always perfect, they are still good enough to do the job. If you’re looking for an average character that’s easy to play, choose one of these.

C tier – Characters in this Tier are not as powerful as those in Tier A and Tier B, but they are still useful. You must be careful when using them, since they may not fit into all-party compositions.

D tier – Characters like these have the lowest impact and should only be used if there are no other options. Avoid using them if you wish to win.

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S Tier Characters

Princess Connect Akino
Akino (YouTube)
  • Akino – Physical Attacker
  • Muimi – Physical Attacker
  • Hatsune – Magic Attacker
  • Shizuru – Tanker
  • Labyrista – Supporter
  • Luna – Magic Attacker
  • Saren – Supporter
  • Rino – Physical Attacker
  • Neneka – Supporter
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A Tier Characters

  • Ayane – Physical Attacker
  • Christina – Physical Attacker
  • Miyako – Tanker
  • Pecorine – Tanker
  • Rima – Tanker
  • Shizuru – Supporter
  • Tsumug – Physical Attacker
  • Ninon – Physical Attacker
  • Rin – Supporter
  • Uzuki – Physical Attacker
  • Djeeta – Physical Attacker
  • Jun – Tanker
  • Kaori – Physical Attacker
  • Makoto – Physical Attacker
  • Maho – Healer
  • Akari – Supporter
  • Anna – Magic Attacker
  • Kasumi – Debuffer
  • Kokkoro – Supporter
  • Monika – Supporter
  • Yuki – Supporter
  • Misato – Healer
  • Shiori – Physical Attacker
  • Yuni – Supporter
  • Io – Debuffer
  • Kyouka – Magic Attacker

B Tier Characters

Princess Connect Eriko
Eriko (YouTube)
  • Eriko – Physical Attacker
  • Chloe – Physical Attacker
  • Inori – Physical Attacker
  • Kuuka – Tanker
  • Rei – Physical Attacker
  • Ruka – Tanker
  • Nozomi – Tanker
  • Tamaki – Physical Attacker
  • Anna – Magic Attacker
  • Ilya – Magic Attacker
  • Grea – Magic Attacker
  • Mifuyu – Physical Attacker
  • Mimi – Physical Attacker
  • Mitsuki – Debuffer
  • Ram – Magic Attacker
  • Rem – Physical Attacker
  • Sheffy – Supporter
  • Shinobu – Debuffer
  • Yukari – Supporter
  • Aoi – Debuffer
  • Emilia – Supporter
  • Kyaru – Magic Attacker
  • Misaki – Magic Attacker
  • Suzuna – Physical Attacker
  • Yui – Healer
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C Tier Characters

  • Hiyori – Physical Attacker
  • Yori – Magic Attacker
  • Arisa – Physical Attacker
  • Kaori – Physical Attacker
  • Kaya – Physical Attacker
  • Rima – Tanker
  • Ayumi – Supporter
  • Chika – Healer
  • Lou – Magic Attacker
  • Nanaka – Magic Attacker

D Tier Characters

Princess Connect Matsuri
Matsuri (YouTube)
  • Matsuri – Physical Attacker
  • Misogi – Debuffer
  • Tomo – Physical Attacker
  • Mahiru – Physical Attacker
  • Chieru – Physical Attacker
  • Kurumi –  Supporter
  • Mio – Magic Attacker
  • Suzume – Supporter

Our Princess Connect tier list is now complete. Tier lists are valuable resources that can assist players in determining the strengths of various characters in a game. You may utilize this data to put together a well-rounded party that will have a higher chance of winning!

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