Lost Ark Artillerist Build Guide – PvP and PvE

We have brought you the Lost Ark Artillerist Build Guide. This class balances damage, CC immunity, and large AoE clears.

The Lost Ark Artillerist is a high-level Gunner who works best as a tank in the traditional MMORPG sense. A Lost Ark Artillerist build may be used in both PvP and PvE situations, and is a good companion for raids and dungeons, depending on how you skill it out. Each class in the Lost Ark is defined by its Identity Skills. That is the Firepower Gauge for the Artillerist. Your Firepower Gauge will fill up as you deal damage.

Every 33 percent increases your damage output, boosting the Artillerist’s DPS to ever-increasing heights. You may also engage Barrage Mode when your Firepower Gauge is full. All of your abilities are briefly replaced by four strong Barrage attacks: Howitzer, Focus Fire, Impregnability, and Energy Cannon. To know more, read our Lost Ark Artillerist build guide.

Lost Ark Artillerist info
Character info (YouTube)
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Best Lost Ark Artillerist Build: Engravings

These are additional boosts that you can get through gear and Engraving books. Any class can utilize multiple generic Engravings, but each class also has two Class Engravings that can change their playstyle. 

  • All incoming damage is reduced by 20% with Firepower Enhancement. On top of the usual damage enhancements, it also gives a crit rate boost to each tier of your Firepower Gauge.
  • The strength of your Barrage Mode strikes is increased by Barrage Enhancement.

Right now, the meta favorite is Firepower Enhancement. For a class as stationary as Artillerist, the defensive benefit is significant. Furthermore, because you don’t spend much time in Barrage Mode, the damage increase from Barrage Enhancement virtually never overcomes the Firepower Enhancement’s larger uptime bonus. However, there are several common Engravings to choose from, and you have considerable freedom depending on your playstyle and content.

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Best Lost Ark Artillerist Build: Awakening Skills

Lost Ark Artillerist skills
Skills (YouTube)

You’ll be able to unlock Beatrice’s Trixion questline once you’ve reached level 50. After that, you’ll get your Awakening Skills, which are very strong abilities with long cooldowns. Consider them to be the pinnacle. There are two for each class, but you may only equip one at a time.

  • Missile Barrage launches a barrage of rockets into the air, crashing onto the target location. This is a lengthy, sluggish strike that does a lot of damage and replenishes your Firepower Meter fully.
  • Heavy Turret, as the name implies, builds a heavy turret that fires bombs and lasers at close foes for twenty seconds.

Because it fills your Firepower Meter, Missile Barrage is the more meta PvE selection right now. That, of course, gives you significant bonuses and allows you to quickly enter Barrage Mode, which gives you a tonne of more damage. Heavy Turret, on the other hand, will deliver damage passively until you return to the fire, which is quite useful. Both are excellent options, but Heavy Turret is likely to outperform Missile Barrage against troublesome, mobile bosses.

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Lost Ark Artillerist PvP Build 

  • Gatling Gun
  • Jump Bombardment
  • Flamethrower
  • Swing
  • Air Raid
  • Homing Barrage
  • Energy Field
  • Napalm Shot
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Lost Ark Artillerist gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Lost Ark Artillerist PvE Build 

  • Multiple Rocket Launcher
  • Air Raid
  • Energy Field
  • Gravity Explosion
  • Homing Barrage
  • Summon Turret
  • Flamethrower
  • Napalm Shot

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