Best Armor in Elden Ring – Ranked

Are you confused about which one is the best Elden Ring armor? Do not worry, as we have ranked them in our guide for you.

Combat in Elden Ring is significantly influenced by character-building features from prior Souls games and associated intellectual properties, such as strategic and close-ranged melee combat with the use of skills, magic powers, and blocking and evading techniques.

Elden Ring is brimming with armor and armor sets for you to outfit your tarnished avatar with, but they’re not just for show. Each one has its unique set of stat enhancements and resistances that can defend you from otherwise lethal attacks or status illnesses. Most of the following armor may also be upgraded to make them even better. Below we have the guide which ranks the best Elden Ring armor. Read till the end, as we have stated the best armor in the end.

Snow Witch Set
Snow Witch Set (YouTube)
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Raya Lucarian Soldier Set

While it isn’t visually stunning, the Raya Lucarian Soldier Armor Set is one of the more approachable early-game sets in Elden Ring and deserves to be mentioned. This lightweight armor set provides adequate Elemental protection as well as Physical and Magical Defense. The Raya Lucaria Soldier Set, which can be discovered in Liurnia of Lakes, will be dropped by Raya Lucaria Knights. 

Farming and getting their armor is straightforward because these are low-level opponents. Though you’ll probably have to replace it before the end of your quest, the Raya Lucarian Soldier Set does its job well and will provide you with hours of protection when you need it.

Malformed Dragon Set

The Malformed Dragon armor may be earned in the same region as the Beast Champion set but from a different boss. You must kill another Draconic Tree Sentinel in the Mountaintops of the Giants, who may be found in the Crumbling Farum Azula, rather than the one in the Capital Outskirts. This one is tougher to beat, but you may use poison damage on him because he’s weak to it. In addition to the Malformed Dragon set, he will drop 28,000 Runes.

Scaled Set

Scaled armor in Elden Ring
Scaled Set (YouTube)

This sort of armor is ideal for players who wish to boost their resistance to non-physical damage while maintaining a high level of composure. The Scaled Set is also less difficult to obtain than many of the other sets on our list. During the Volcano Manor questline, all you have to do is fight Old Knight Istvan, the first of the three invaders.

Raging Wolf Set

The medium-weighted Raging Wolf Armor Set offers several nice bonuses for Dexterity builds, dialing things down from the hefty Crucible Tree Set. For a lightweight armor set, the Raging Wolf Set performs a good job at defending its wearer from all sorts of damage and diseases. It also looks great.

Like the Crucible Tree Set, the Raging Wolf Set will not be accessible until much later in the game. After completing the Volcano Manor questline and assisting Knight Bernahl with an invasion, you will be able to get this gear. Here is the “Bloody Wolf” set that was included in the Elden Ring Network Test last year if you were lucky enough to play it.

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Lionel’s Set

Lionel's Set armor in Elden Ring
Lionel’s Set (EldenRingWiki)

The Lionel’s Armor Set is one of the game’s heaviest armor sets. With outstanding Poise, fantastic defensive numbers, and fantastic illness resistance, Lionel’s Set is one of the best sets in the game. It also appears to be completely ludicrous but in all the right ways.

Prepare yourself before attempting this section, since it is recommended that you be at least Level 90. Until you reach Leyndell’s late-game region, you won’t be able to get your hands on this iron panoply. Lionel’s Set may be seen on a bed in the Lower Capital Church.

Beast Champion Set

As with other FromSoftware games, some armor sets may be obtained by killing the NPC who is wearing them, as is the case with one of the game’s greatest heavy sets: Beast Champion Armor Set. You will have good protection from Physical, Magical, and Elemental damage types as well as high Poise with the Beast Champion Set.

Unfortunately, in order to obtain this outfit, you must first kill Knight Bernahl (AKA Resucant Bernahl). However, before you murder him in cold blood for his amazing armor, we recommend completing his questline first, since murdering him too soon would stop several questlines you may be following.

Best Elden Ring Armor: Bull-Goat Set

Bull-Goat Set in Elden Ring
Bull-Goat Set (EldenRingWiki)

The finest armor in the game for physical resistance is without a doubt the Bull-Goat armor, which has just one disadvantage in the form of tremendous weight. However, if you play as a solely strength-based character, you should have no trouble equipping this gear without fear of fat rolling. It has the most poise of any armor set in the game, but it isn’t the most visually appealing, with gigantic horns jutting from its chest plate.

Find Patches on Scenic Isle in Liurnia of The Lakes and chat with him. Begin the Volcano Manor quest, but do not slay Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy yet. If you kill Patches or Rykard before finishing Patches’ quest, you will be unable to get this armor set.

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Best Elden Ring Armor: Veteran’s Set

Elden Ring Veteran's Set
Veteran’s Set (EldenRingWiki)

This armor set has one of Elden Ring’s best weight-to-posture ratios. As a result, it might easily have been an S-Tier armor, but it is exceedingly vulnerable to poisons and blights, which can be fatal in some battles. To obtain this set, you must defeat Commander Niall, who can be found on the roof of Castle Sol in Mountaintops of the Giants, which is located in The Lands Between’s northeastern region.

Best Elden Ring Armor: Crucible Axe Set

Crucible Axe Set in Elden Ring
Crucible Axe Set (EldenRingWiki)

If you don’t want really heavy armor that makes you fat roll, but still want adequate protection, Crucible Axe armor would be ideal. Many players see it as one of the most fashionable armor sets in Elden Ring. The full set may be gained by fighting Crucible Knight Ordovis, who can be found near Auriza Hero’s Grave in the Capital Outskirts’ eastern region.

It’s worth noting that this boss battle also features another Crucible Knight, so you’ll have to deal with two monsters at once. If you don’t want to battle two Crucible Knights, Deeproot Depths has a comparable Crucible Tree set. It is an underground location that may be reached by resting in a coffin after slaying Valiant Gargoyle in Nokron, Eternal City’s Siofra Aqueduct. You must defeat Crucible Knight Siluria there.

Best Elden Ring Armor: General Radahn Set

General Radahn Set
General Radahn Set (YouTube)

Starscourge After defeating Radahn, you will receive not only the best greatsword in the game but also one of the finest and most sturdy armor sets. Though another hefty armor set on the list, Radahn’s Armor Set is particularly badass-looking and provides great protection, making it well worth the effort to earn. Radahn’s Set provides strong Poise, Physical, and Magical Protection, and will aid you in resisting the majority of diseases.

To begin with, beat Starscourge Radahn, who resides in Caelid’s Redmane Castle. The Chamber Outside the Plaza Grace is the quickest way there. You’ll have a difficult time killing this monster if you don’t remember that he’s weak to Scarlet Rot and Bleed. When you’re done defeating him, go to Roundtable Hold’s Finger Reader Enia and pay 36,000 Runes for this amazing armor.

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