Ghostwire: Tokyo Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks

Want some undead survival adventure game? Ghostwire: Tokyo is for you. To get started, read our Ghostwire Tokyo guide, which has the best tips and tricks.

Tango Gameworks will develop the next ghostly adventure video game, Ghostwire: Tokyo. The game will be available as a one-year exclusive for PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows on March 25, 2022. There have been mysterious disappearances in nearly all of Tokyo, and otherworldly spirits have invaded the city. KK, the game’s protagonist, is possessed by a spirit detective who grants him supernatural powers, while also pursuing his own agenda.

As Akito battles the spirits haunting the city, he encounters a group of Hannya mask-wearing individuals who may reveal the mystery behind Tokyo’s strange events. The player can implement a range of psychic and paranormal powers to battle the ghosts and spirits that plague Tokyo. Here is our Ghostwire Tokyo guide that will tell you everything you need to know with some of the best tips and tricks.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Guide: Bow and Talisman

The bow is a great weapon for killing enemies before engaging in combat. In this manner, you’ll be able to kill more enemies. It is, like everything else, limited. You can only have a limited quantity of ammunition at any given moment. You can increase the bow’s speed and ammo capacity via the upgrade menu.

The talisman is an enigmatic artifact. Talismans have a variety of applications and effects. They may be highly useful if employed appropriately, although their usage is restricted throughout the game. Make the most of them.

Ghostwire Tokyo Guide: Melee Core Grab skill

Melee Core Grab skill in Ghostwire tokyo
Melee Core Grab skill (YouTube)

Melee Core Grab is among some of the game’s best skills. It’s horrible to be dropped on the head by a dead enemy just as you’re about to finish your core grab. You can take advantage of this skill if you want to get in close to grab something that can’t be interrupted. 

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Ghostwire Tokyo Guide: Counter

Take care to protect yourself every now and then. It’s easy to get caught up in the offensive. When you use L1, you can parry the block, allowing you to follow it up with a barrage of your own. Depending on the skill you unlock, you may be able to parry better. 

Blocking is the key

At first glance, blocking may seem unintuitive, but there’s actually a crucial technique you can employ to turn it into a key skill that makes fights much easier. This move is called Perfect Block, and it lets you block an opponent’s attack without suffering damage. Simply block before the attack lands. Additionally, it causes your opponents to stumble, making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. It can also be used on ranged attacks, knocking down targets and opening them up to ground core purges.

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Keep collecting the food

Food should be collected where it can be found. In addition to helping you regenerate, it increases your overall health. In addition, it provides a variety of temporary benefits. It provides elements, prayer beads, etc. You will find both of these at different stages in the path; elemental idols will enhance element spells, while prayer beads help you become stronger and are found in many shrines.

Increase Katashiro spaces

Use your abilities
Using abilities (YouTube)

Katashiro are little paper dolls used to absorb spirits. You start with a few and can carry up to 50 if you buy more from a convenience shop. You will spare yourself the trouble of repeatedly going to and from phone booths if you do it as soon as feasible.

The Katashiro spaces should be expanded to absorb spirits – it’s quicker to level up this way than fighting. To find ghosts, you should look in every alley and on every roof, and use spectral vision often. When you’ve filled up your Katashiro, you can bank your souls at a phone booth for some extra XP. 

Aim at the knees of walking enemies

If you aim at their legs, you may utilize this fighting trick to force your Walker enemies to their knees. When your Slender-Man-like opponents are blocking, you can get in a number of effective shots. This method allows you to keep any enemy from approaching you.

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Upgrade wind ability more

You’ll often switch between three different abilities during combat: wind, water, and fire. While all three have their uses, it’s a good idea to focus on upgrading and equipping wind, given that it’ll serve as your main weapon against monsters and holds the most ammo. 

No matter how well-stocked your SP supply is, if you make sure it’s as strong as possible, you’ll always be able to fight Ghostwire’s most powerful enemies. The skill tree in the game allows you to upgrade the wind projectile speed and the number of projectiles fired during charged strikes.

Get more ammo by breaking crystallized ether 

Crystallized ether are important in Ghostwire Tokyo
Crystallized ether (YouTube)

Floating, corrupted objects called crystallized ethers are common around Tokyo. The best way to ensure you have ammo between encounters is to break these. Even though they will spawn during battles, it’s worse to run out of SP in the middle of the fight, so smashing the floating spectral items will keep you out of trouble.

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Ghostwire Tokyo Guide: Propane Tanks

It is common for bright red propane tanks to float in the air during combat encounters. Upon being shot, these explode, causing significant damage to nearby enemies. If you are facing tougher opponents like Shiromuku, Crimson Kuchisake, Lamentation, and Relentless Walker, this can turn the tide of the fight, so keep your eyes on them.

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