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Total War: Warhammer features turn-based strategic battles between armies. Unlike previous Total War titles, Warhammer centers on a fantasy setting and features characters from the Warhammer universe. A player or computer controls the character, which includes monsters, warriors, and heroes. In this game, Karl Franz ascends to the imperial throne as newly elected Emperor, amid the turmoil caused by a civil war uprising and the counts of the empire resenting his rule. 

Before battling the other realms surrounding them and restoring peace to the Old World, he must unite his fractured kingdom and assert his dominance. Despite this peace, the Dwarfs retain a grudge against the Greenskins. Meanwhile, the Von Carsteins in Sylvania, who rules an undead army, attempt to seize the throne of the Emperor. To know more, read our Total War Warhammer guide with some tips and tricks.

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Total War Warhammer Guide: Mix units in your army

It is hard to defeat an opponent if your units are not adequately mixed before to the combat. Others can beat you simply because you did not mix your units well. Spear, pike, sword, mounted, cavalry and one to two artillery battalions are recommended. As long as there aren’t too many special units in the mix, they can be advantageous. Berserkers, dogs, and other special troops existed in the past.

Total War Warhammer Guide: Units positions

Total War Warhammer gameplay
Gameplay (SEGA)

Don’t spread out your units too much in battle, don’t get outflanked, don’t fracture your middle, and don’t be too wide. As a rule of thumb, keep your heaviest units in the center and your light to medium units on the outside. When facing an enemy, it is better to route him than completely obliterate his force.

Total War Warhammer Guide: The Empire

Oddly enough, Empires are by far the most balanced class, which makes them more difficult from the start. You probably don’t know what kind of combat you should prefer when you first start playing the game. In addition, due to their building trees, it is hard to build all units in the same region, which makes managing production in your empire more difficult.

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Make a city and settlement plan

Total War: Warhammer allows you to completely rule the map by seizing control of cities and villages. Provinces are made up of cities and settlements. Each province has a capital as well as one to three settlements. You can give a commandment to all of the cities in a province, which will bring them a significant benefit. Once you have captured all of the cities in a province, you must determine how you will develop structures.

Upgrading the Capital

Total War Warhammer gameplay
Gameplay (SEGA)

It is possible to upgrade the capital five times, and the buildings within it can be upgraded as well.  The higher your level is, the higher level of building you can construct, and the higher level of training you can conduct.  Buildings may only be upgraded three times at a time, so it doesn’t make sense to erect a building with five upgrade tiers when you can only gain access to three of them.

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Maintain the public

In order to win the long game, it is crucial to maintain public order in your territory. Immediately following the conquest of a province, public order will fall into disarray.  The people are angry that the ruler just died.  Over the course of ten turns, this “provincial instability” penalty will gradually disappear.  It is important to focus on stabilizing the territory you have just conquered instead of trying to expand further.

Choose from a variety of army stances

fighting scene
Gameplay (SEGA)

There are five stances in which your army can move around the map. They are: normal, marches, raids, ambushes, and encampments. It is important to choose the right stance for any given situation, and you can switch between them in the bottom left corner of the screen. 

  • March stances increase movement range, but also disable recruitment and make all of your troops tired during battle. 
  • If you use the raiding stance, you will both increase your faction’s income and decrease public order in the province in which you are located. This will make it a great way to make the other faction angry and send their armies after you.
  • An ambush stance hides your army, so you can spring out and attack the enemy army if it walks within range. 
  • No matter where you are, the encampment stance will allow you to recruit new troops, as well as provide a defense and morale bonus for your troops if you’re attacked. 
  • In addition, if you’re playing as a dwarf or orc, you can use the “underway” stance, which lets you move over otherwise impassable terrain, for example, mountains, helping you move around quickly.
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Use your cavalry wisely

In general, the cavalry that you possess should always either flank the enemy or charge at their ranged units with the fiercest charge in the world if they leave their ranged units open. Ranged forces are essential to an army’s success.

Gameplay (SEGA)

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