Hitman Sniper: The Shadows Beginner’s Guide – Tips and Tricks

Are you a sniper lover who fantasizes about being a hitman? Read our Hitman Sniper The Shadows Beginner’s guide to start the game.

Hitman Sniper: The Shadows is the sequel to Hitman Sniper, and it will put your killing precision to the test. Following Agent 47’s disappearance in the first game, the International Contract Agency, or ICA for short, is tasked with deploying the shadows, an elite sniper unit, to assassinate the target. 

Hitman Sniper: The Shadows builds on the exciting and innovative improvements of the previous sequel by expanding the surroundings and atmosphere, giving you an advantage in eliminating the target by whatever means required. Here is our Hitman Sniper The Shadows Beginner’s guide with some best tips and tricks.

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Hitman Sniper The Shadows Beginner’s guide: Focus on the surroundings

Bullets aren’t the only method to assassinate people. You may also fire things in the surroundings to cause explosions and other effects that will take out opponents just as effectively. You may also create distractions, which earn you points and lead guards to more remote spots where you can perform a death shot without being seen. It’s helpful!

Hitman Sniper The Shadows Beginner’s guide: Special kills 

Accidental Kills
Accidental kills (Square Enix)

Publicly shooting people, as you might think, draws attention, which draws bullets. You can get around this by making shootings look like accidents or making bodies vanish. Include examples of killings committed in the context of the environment.

Shooting a bucket dangling over a well, for example, will attract an interested guard’s attention. When you shoot the guard while he’s checking the bucket, he’ll tumble down the well and disappear. You can shoot near windows since the opponent will be drawn to the sound and will approach it. If you shoot the opponent, he will fall through the window.

Hitman Sniper The Shadows Beginner’s guide: Score

In Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, your goal is to score as many points as possible in addition to completing the contract tasks. Your incentives increase as your score rises. Kills, moving kills, lured kills, headshots, and other types of kills can all score you points. Multi-kills may also be earned, either by deft shooting or by using a sniper’s special ability. 

Bonus points are also awarded for accidental killings. You’ll collect awards, unlock new agents, and level up your gear as you progress through the campaign, allowing you to earn more points and access later tasks.

Don’t make any witnesses

Witnesses can be a big problem
Be aware of the witnesses (Square Enix)

When no one else is around, try to kill guards and the like. Strangely, if someone suddenly dies in front of them, citizens and other guards will raise the alert. You don’t want your target to flee for their lives. That’s one of the best ways to fail a mission. Dead bodies, on the other hand, have a comparable effect on potential witnesses. Attempt to kill individuals while simultaneously disposing of them. 

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Do not forget to reload

It’s simple to reload, but in the heat of combat, you could forget. Then, just as you’re about to take a superb shot, you realize you’re out of bullets and have to watch your target drift out of position. To avoid this disaster, get into the habit of swiping the screen every now and again. When participating in PvP, you should be mindful of this as well. You must keep track of your bullets since this is a timed competition.

Be aware of your objectives

Objectives in the game
Objectives (Square Enix)

Because not every mission has the same aim, review your objectives each time and play in a way that allows you to achieve them. Remember that you should usually shoot at your target last after you’ve taken care of everything else because the mission finishes only a few seconds after that individual dies. If you don’t take the time to stop and smell the flowers, you can lose out on some important details.

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Choose your character wisely 

Agent Kiya in Hitman Sniper the shadows
Agent Kiya (Square Enix)

In Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, six sniper assassins are featured, each with their gameplay approach, personality, and powers. You’ll need to know what each agent’s talents and weaponry are so you can plan your approach to finishing each contract.

  • Espelho’s Incendiary rounds are well-known.
  • With her Raifuru K62, Soji has an acid round.
  • Kiya possesses a lightning round with unequaled speed that flashily removes the target.
  • Stone possesses a temporal proximity mine that has the potential to blow up your target.
  • Kolzak specializes in contagion rounds.
  • Knight is your go-to choice for headshots.

Upgrade weapons

After completing the contract in the PvP mode, you can earn a material upgrade for your weapon in a rewards suitcase. You may upgrade your weapon to enhance damage, or your sight to expand your viewing range. You can also update your recoil to improve your sniper’s steadiness.

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The Guards are not the same every time

Guards in Hitman Sniper the shadows
Guards are different (Square Enix)

Because not all the guards have been notified, they do not all pose the same threat. You should know how to distinguish between interested guards, suspicious guards, and alarmed guards. The first ones are simply investigating a strange circumstance, and you may be able to lead them around a facility in this fashion so that you may execute them where they won’t be noticed. Suspicious guards may have discovered a dead corpse or other signs that things isn’t quite right.

A guard who has been alerted is aware that there is a problem. Perhaps he witnessed someone being downed by a stunning sniper shot, or perhaps you shot at him and wounded him. In any case, he’ll most likely go for his radio to call in reinforcements. Your new priority is to take him out.

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