Are you a sniper fan and love to be a hitman? Then this game is for you. Read our Hitman Sniper The Shadows guide to know more.

A wholly original Hitman story sets the scene for Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, an action-based role-playing game. The events surrounding the disappearance of Agent 47 are the focus of Hitman Sniper: The Shadows. A new criminal network threatens global stability in this game, which features a storyline about a group of assassins that call themselves The Shadows.

You must travel around the globe as a member of The Shadow, eliminate targets with stealth and creativity, and compete with other Shadows throughout the world. As an elite agent with the International Contract Agency (ICA), you must additionally build your reputation. The below Hitman Sniper The Shadows guide will help you to learn everything in the game.

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Hitman Sniper The Shadows Guide: Agents

Six sniper assassins are featured in Hitman Sniper: The Shadows, each with their own story, gameplay method, personality, and abilities. With this diversity, players can approach the game and each contract with greater freedom and flexibility. Below is a breakdown of the six agents:


Agent Knight in Hitman Sniper the shadows
Agent Knight (Square Enix)

You’ll start the game with this agent. Knight, a seasoned survivalist, is both charming and cunning. Posing for a good-looking headshot filled with anti-government propaganda brings her immense joy and pride. Her ability is headshot master, and her weapon is the Sintac Inc. S200. The ability will display an area in your scope where you can headshot anyone within the range with your next shot.


Agent Stone in Hitman Sniper the shadows
Agent Stone (Square Enix)

Stone has a criminal record and the skillset of a skilled assassin despite being an innocent man. As a means of surviving, he took on a new identity and began to engage in assassinations. His ability is Timed proximity mine. When you use this ability, the next shot will spawn a mine that lures enemies within a wide radius and explodes after a short timer when enemy guards get close enough to trigger it. He uses Precision Global, Mcax as his weapon.


Agent Kolzak in Hitman Sniper the shadows
Agent Kolzak (Square Enix)

Kolzak is a very talented assassin whose skills are constantly developed, in addition to being highly trained. He wants to remain in the background and let his reputation speak for itself. Contagion Round is his talent. When your next shot hits a character, it poisons the body and disposes of it. Anyone who explores the poisoned body will become infected. He employs Marincorp and Parragon SVD.


Agent espelho in Hitman Sniper the shadows
Agent Espelho (Square Enix)

Espelho is antithetical to the stereotype of a sniper. However, he is far from innocent. Despite his engaging smile and undying enthusiasm, he is a laser-accurate assassin who routinely makes split-second decisions and rarely misses a shot. His ability is Incendiary Round. The next shot you take will create an incendiary area of effect that will burn and kill anyone caught inside, preventing anyone from walking through it. He uses YHK TIA, NRF-114N.


Agent Soji in Hitman Sniper the shadows
Agent Soji (Square Enix)

Despite her diminutive size, Soji is a force to be reckoned with, and her dedication is undeniable. As Soji grieves for her brother’s murder, she channels her revenge-fueled rage down the barrel of her rifle. Acid Round is her ability. Anyone who enters the area will be suffocated, killed, and disposed of by your next shot. You will dispose of an enemy directly by shooting them. She uses Raifuru, K65 Tactician.


Agent Kiya in Hitman Sniper the shadows
Agent Kiya (Square Enix)

Kiya served with the Anti-Terrorism Squad for over twenty years, and he is the sole survivor of his squad’s massacre. He pushes the limits of every contract he signs, with nothing to lose. His aim is to make each shot count. His ability is lightning round. A subsequent shot has a chance of electrocuting an enemy or chaining it to a nearby enemy. You can electrify an area just by aiming at the ground, which will electrocute all inside the area.

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Hitman Sniper The Shadows Guide: PvP mode

New PvP mode
PvP mode (Square Enix)

PVP mode has been added to the Hitman Sniper series. In addition to leveling up agents and accepting new contracts, the game contains a PVP-style mode. In this mode, two players compete in high-scoring combat. Another player will be your opponent. In this race against time, targets must be eliminated and optional objectives completed. It shares much of the same model as the campaign, but when you see your opponent’s score at the top, you become more competitive. 

This feature is amazing as it is something new to the series. The rest campaign mode is almost similar to the previous game, so the fans would love to see this new feature that they can explore.

It is a scoring game

Gameplay in Hitman Sniper: The Shadows is focused on scoring. Apart from hitting all your objectives, you want to earn the best possible rewards by getting the highest score possible. You have numerous opportunities to increase your score. If you lure a victim, move him to a fatal location, kill him accidentally, dispose of his body, use your special ability, and kill multiple targets; you will get bonus points. 

Taking note of your agent’s expertise will go a long way to help you earn a big score. Your agent might be great at taking headshots, so every time you hit a target, you’ll earn a lot of money. The same is true for accidental kills, multi-kills, and so forth. 

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Hitman Sniper The Shadows guide: New Locations

new locations
New locations in the game (Square Enix)

The game introduces various locations, each with its own unique viewpoints and times of day. Players will have additional options and opportunities to remove targets as a result of this. Each place has its own set of goals and functions as an exploration habitat, a unique storytelling area with its own set of problems.

Be aware of your objectives

Objectives in the game
Objectives (Square Enix)

Consider your objectives and change your tactics accordingly instead of playing the same way on every assignment. As a general rule, you should aim at your target after you’ve taken care of everything else at the end of the mission because the work ends shortly after that person dies. If you take the objectives seriously, you will avoid losing out on important details.

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