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A man who is clinging to his life. His two boys are left with just one alternative if they want to save their dying father, they must embark on a quest to locate and return the “Water of Life.” However, they must rely on one another to survive.

Using specially built twin virtual joysticks, guide two brothers, Naia and Naiee, on an epic fairy tale quest. In single-player mode, you may control both brothers at the same time and enjoy cooperative action. Solve puzzles, visit beautiful settings, and face boss fights by combining the strengths, sizes, and speeds of the big and small brothers in this game.

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Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide: Interactions

There are various potential interaction points throughout the game, particularly in the initial chapters, such as individuals you may chat with or simple things you can interact with. Most of the time, depending on which Brother you use to engage with it, the interaction will be different. Optional interactions are usually little additions that have no bearing on your progress. The benches that can be sat on can often be found along with the other interaction points. They are often used for simply enjoying the view.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide: How to unlock the wishing well

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide
Brothers A Tale of Two Sons (Image credit: YouTube)

If you choose, you may engage with the grandmother on the left at the start; Big Brother will ask for information, while Little Brother will play with her. Following that, you’ll witness a child having fun with a ball. Take the ball from her and head back to the right, where you’ll find a well. To open the wishing well, toss the ball into it.

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide: How to fend off the wolves

When Naia wakes up to the sound of wolves on the prowl, quickly grab a burning stick from the brothers’ fire to fend them off. When a wolf approaches, keep Naiee close to Naia and flick the torch around to scare it away. You’ll arrive at a graveyard once you’ve reached the end of the gloomy woodland. Look to your right for an angel statue, and engage with it for a bit with Naiee. Soon enough, a shooting star will appear in the backdrop.

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In chapter 4, how to prevent a man from committing suicide

After climbing two stone hills, look for a guy on a stool who is about to hang himself. Hold him up with Naia to keep him from dying, then untie the rope with Naiee to get him back on the ground. Walk to the right side of the tree and drop down to a ledge after the man is on the ground. To cheer him up, shimmy around to the opposite side of a burned-down home, likely his own, and give him the music box inside.

Ride quickly to the wooded area

Naiee must now cross through several bars to reach a windmill, where he must jump to the other windmill in order to reach a crank on the opposite side of a bridge. When Naiee stretches the bridge, Naia must lift his section of the bridge so that it may fall into the metal holes on Naiee’s side. You should see some goats in an enclosure once the brothers find a wooden cottage higher up the mountain. Open the gate and strap each brother to a goat for a little trip into the woods.

How to defeat the spider in the final chapter

Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Guide
Brothers A Tale of Two Sons (Image credit: YouTube)

About a minute into the last chapter, the brothers will stumble into a trap. When you’re up against the spider, use the curved edges of her cave to help little brother get some more speed, so he can roll her off of Naia, then tear a leg off using Naia’s power. As she comes down to tackle big brother again, dodge the weight of her fall, and repeat until most of her legs have been severed.

The brothers will soon discover the large tree they’ve been searching for. Climb to the top and get the elixir they’ve been looking for, then return it to them. Before you conclude the tale from here, there will be a couple more portions of mild interactivity.

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