How to beat Waterblight Ganon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Are there difficulties in defeating Waterblight Ganon? Read our guide on how to beat Waterblight Ganon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

This is one of the four Blight Ganons and is a phantom of Calamity Ganon, who controls the Divine Beasts and is responsible for killing Mipha. After attempting to activate the main terminal, he can be found in Divine Beast Vah Ruta, or in Hyrule Castle if Link has not yet liberated Ruta. The weak point of Waterblight Ganon is his eye and horns, just like those of the other Blight Ganons. 

Waterblight Ganon will be knocked to the ground each time Link hits him with an arrow, giving Link the chance to attack while he is stunned. Any attacks Waterblight Ganon attempts will also be canceled when the arrow is shot into his eye. In particular, Ancient Arrows and Shock Arrows will deal heavier damage to Waterblight Ganon. Within Ruta, the Master Sword’s current attack power will increase to 60 if Link has obtained the sword. Read the complete guide on how to beat Waterblight Ganon in Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Waterblight Ganon Starting scene
Waterblight Ganon emerging (YouTube)
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How to beat Waterblight Ganon: Phase one

You will encounter Waterblight Ganon after activating the main terminal inside of Vah Ruta – in this instance, you will have access to a vast arena to fight him in, so positioning is not a major concern. During the first phase, he makes several attacks.

When Waterblight Ganon is close, he will thrust with his spear. Using a side hop will allow you to dodge this, and perfect timing may reward you with a flurry attack. His spear can sometimes create shockwaves when he thrusts it into the ground when he is close. If he raises his spear with its tip pointing down, you must run away.

FAce off with Waterblight Ganon
Gameplay (YouTube)

He will probably sweep his spear at mid-range, which is indicated by him pulling his spear to his side with his arm out to the side. Performing a backflip will get you a flurry attack, and perfect timing will allow you to avoid this attack. Whenever the beast is thrown at a distance, the spear behaves like a javelin. You can avoid him by running to the side every time. You can stop him from using the move entirely if you stay close.

He will collapse to the ground once you do quite a bit of damage, allowing you to unleash your wrath. Our recommendation is to equip two-handed weapons and charge up a powerful spin attack to do a lot of damage.

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How to beat Waterblight Ganon: Phase two

As soon as you have reduced the Waterblight Ganon’s health to 50%, phase two begins. As the water level rises, Link will only have four platforms to stand on, causing a significant reduction in mobility. In addition, Waterblight Ganon will choose to focus his attacks on ranged weapons. As with Vah Ruta upon entrance, Waterblight Ganon will hurl ice blocks at you in this phase. Using either a well-aimed arrow or a Cyronis rune will break them.

It is challenging to do damage with melee weapons, but not impossible. He is floating near a pillar, at which point you can make use of ranged weapons, such as spears, to damage him. Using weapons while jumping also works, but it’s harder to hit him more than once. 

Waterblight Ganon attacks
Waterblight Ganon attacking with ice box (YouTube)

Waterblight Ganon is best damaged with arrows, particularly if you target his blue eye. You can use your Shock Arrows now if you still have any. Any elemental arrow that you have, including bomb arrows, will also do a decent amount of damage.

When his health is low, he will throw more ice blocks at you, so watch out for that. As the water slows you down, crossing onto different platforms is also a challenge. In order to get across, the best option is to jump and paraglide the short distance, then dash to the next platform.

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Waterblight Ganon will eventually switch to those Guardian-style laser beams. When this happens, we recommend avoiding them, but when they are about to strike you, performing a perfect block and parry will send the beam right back at them. 


When the war is over, you’ll receive a Heart Container – make sure to collect it before you leave, or it will be lost forever! You will also receive Mipha’s Grace in the cutscene. When charged, this ability will see you automatically resurrected with full health and temporary bonuses. Upon returning to Zora’s domain, the cutscene with the King concludes the quest for Vah Ruta. Chat with him again to learn more about the story, and open the chest you will find on the left for the 22-strength Lightscale Trident. 

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