For all the WWE fans, we have listed the WWE 2K22 best signature moves and also how to perform the signature moves in the game.

Visual Concepts and 2K Sports have just released WWE 2K22, a new professional wrestling video game. In total, it is the twenty-second installment of the video game series based on WWE. It is the ninth title in the WWE 2K series. The game will be available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on March 11, 2022.

The MyCareer mode in WWE 2K will be renamed “MyRISE” and will have different storylines for male and female superstars. Players may establish alliances, make enemies, and branch into subplots based on their decisions using manufactured superstars. The 2K Showcase will return, with Rey Mysterio as the cover hero, allowing gamers to relive the highlights of his WWE career. New features and improvements will be added to the 2K Showcase mode. 

Many characters have a signature move, which is a skill, attack, taunt, evasive move, or spell that they utilize more frequently than any of their others. You will need the signature moves to win the matches. So here are the WWE 2K22 best signature moves guide that will also help you to learn how to perform them.

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WWE 2K22 best Signature moves: Superman Punch

WWE 2K22 Roman reigns signature move
Superman Punch (YouTube)

WWE wrestler Roman Reigns, often known as “The Big Dog,” has a signature move called “The Superman Punch.” This technique is performed by Roman Reigns by striking the opponent with his right hand. Roman Reigns goes towards his opponent, leaps into the air, and executes his magnificent Superman Punch while continuously pounding his fist on the mat. It is like a knockout punch to your opponent.

WWE 2K22 best Signature moves: Five Knuckle Shuffle

WWE 2K22 John Cena's signature moves
John Cena’s Five knuckle shuffle (YouTube)

John Cena is one of WWE’s most recognized superstars, and his pro wrestling prowess has won him a lot of respect and popularity throughout the world. With his incredible power and unique maneuvers, John Cena has demonstrated his strength by knocking out some of WWE’s top performers.

Cenation’s leader begins his signature move by lifting his hands and mocking his opponent with his signature “U Can’t See Me” sign, then sprinting towards the ropes and stopping in front of his opponent to smack him in the face. The Five Knuckle Shuffle is a well-known signature move that has taken out a lot of big names.

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WWE 2K22 best Signature moves: Rope Hung DDT

Randy Orton
Randy Orton’s DDT (YouTube)

RKO, Randy Orton’s finisher, is one of the most well-known finishes in the WWE. But don’t forget about his signature move. When it comes to wrestling, Randy Orton has a pretty unique collection of moves to knock out his opponents. He hangs his opponent between the ring rope and drops him on the face using the Rope Hung DDT signature move.

It is possible to execute a DDT in a number of different ways in WWE. Randy Orton, however, uses a unique variation of the DDT; he kicks his opponent in the belly, settles him between the ropes, and delivers a brutal DDT.

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WWE 2K22 best Signature moves: Buckle Bomb

Seth Rollin's Signature move
Seth Rollin’s Signature move (YouTube)

In addition to being one of the most popular wrestlers, Seth Rollins has proven to be the best athlete in the WWE. After performing a buckle bomb, Seth Rollins performs a curb stomp as his finisher. To set up his finisher, Rollins throws his opponent brutally towards the turnbuckle while on his shoulders. 

WWE 2K22 best Signature moves: Splash on the floor

rey mysterio gameplay
Rey mysterio gameplay (YouTube)

WWE 2K22 has Rey Mysterio on its cover for its latest release. Considering this, we might see the 619 star back with its Splash on the floor signature move. After Rey Mysterio has placed his opponent outside of the ring, he runs to the ropes, slides under the third rope, and executes a splash on the opponent. We could see this great signature move of our favorite 619 guy again in WWE 2K22.

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How to perform signature moves in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 signature moves
WWE 2K22 cutscene (YouTube)

In WWE 2K22, signatures are generally done just before hitting a Finisher. The reasoning is twofold: not only does it fill up the Finisher bar on the HUD far faster than regular strikes, slams, and combos, but it also delivers just enough damage to other wrestlers and/or wrestlers to set up the Finisher. To learn how to perform Signature Moves and Finishers, you must first comprehend the Special Meter idea.

The Special Meter is the blue meter just beneath the Health Meter. Once your Special Meter has three full bars, you can execute a Signature or Finisher. The three bars would be used up by the Signature. When you have all three bars on your Special Meter, press R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox. You must tap the Light Attack button for Signature while holding that button.

R2/RT + Square/X = Signature Move 

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