Facing difficulties with Lost Ark’s Proxima? Do not worry, we have covered everything in our Lost Ark Proxima Guide.

The world bosses in Lost Ark are massive and can be tackled together by a group of players for huge rewards. However, they require good coordination and teamwork to defeat. Taking on the Lost Ark Proxima boss is no different, and every player will be tested during the battle.

The field boss Proxima is a well-known figure in Lost Ark. Aside from fulfilling the boss section of your Adventurer’s Tome, defeating the boss might also drop a Proxima Course Meal ingredient. Here is our Lost Ark Proxima guide to give you all the information you need.

Lost Ark Proxima quest
Proxima progress and rewards (YouTube)

Lost Ark Proxima Guide: Location

North Vern’s Vernese Forest zone is where you can find Proxima. Getting there is possible by using the Balankar Ranger Headquarters Triport. You can also follow tree trunk pathways. Finding Vernese Forest will probably be difficult.

There are predetermined intervals and dates for each field boss to appear. These boss raids take place every 2-3 days at the same time. There is an alarm schedule for the Proxima field boss.

You will need other players

The concept and mechanics of Proxima are somewhat akin to the Lost Ark Rovlen world boss, as it is also a large flesh-devouring plant. If you hear someone call out when the boss spawns, you should check the area chat since it runs on a timer once defeated. The announcer will usually announce which channel a boss has spawned in. 

That channel can be changed via the drop-down menu in the top right corner. Proxima can only be killed with the help of other players, so if you happen to encounter them on your own, do the same.

Lost Ark Proxima Guide: How to beat Proxima

Proxima gameplay
Proxima quest gameplay (YouTube)

To face the Proxima field boss, you must have the required item level. A minimum item level of 540 is required to participate in the raid. You will not receive rewards if you have not reached the item level yet. Go to the Character Profile page to verify your item level.

Upon reaching the required item level, proceed to Vernese Forest and wait for the boss to appear until the timer has run out. With Proxima’s health point total exceeding 13 million, you want to be sure that other players are nearby to help. Try looking for a crew in the drop-down menu on the top-right corner of the game screen if no one is online.

Each of the phases of Proxima’s life cycle involves the boss covering itself and regenerating health. Proxima will receive a small amount of healing every few seconds while the shield is in place. As a consequence, Proxima will take significantly less damage during this time, so save your hard-hitting spells and attacks for when they’re really needed. As for his fighting style and mechanics, it is fairly similar to those of other field bosses.


Rewards from the quest
Loot auction in Proxima quest (YouTube)

When you defeat Proxima for the first time, you’ll earn a first kill reward, which includes three pieces of epic gear and fills in relevant sections of the Adventurer’s Tome. As well as gaining experience, you’ll receive a random assortment of currencies, items, and resources. 

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