We have brought you the Triangle Strategy guide with 10 things that you should remember while playing the game.

Gameplay is based on turn-based tactics in Triangle Strategy. On a grid-based playing field, players take turns moving their party members across the grid, attacking and defeating computer-controlled opponents. A character can move at a certain distance per turn and attack at a certain range as well as a certain power based on his inherent attributes and alterable attributes, such as the terrain he is positioned on and whether he is wearing armor or weapons.

The game takes place on the mythical continent of Norzelia. Thirty years after the “Saltiron War,” a new struggle erupts between three-continent governments – Glenbrook, Aesfrost, and Hyzante – for salt and iron resources. Serenoa Wolffort, the protagonist, tries to work out his differences with his friend Prince Roland, his fiancée Princess Frederica Aesfrost, and the housesteward, Benedict Wolffort, in the game. The below Triangle Strategy guide will help you to understand more about the game.

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Triangle Strategy Guide: Story Scenes

Game flow is directly affected by story scenes between battles. The player is presented with decisions with different values with respect to morality, liberty, and utility. Characters’ support or opposition to a player’s cause and the outcomes of battles and story scenes are affected by the choices they make.

Triangle Strategy Guide: Tactical Points

Tactical Points (TP) is what you utilize to conduct any attacks other than a basic assault in battle. Each unit in your party will begin with one TP, as shown by a yellow diamond, and will gain another TP point every round. Always keep TP in mind and store upon it, so you can unleash deadly techniques when needed. Of course, it’s also crucial not to spend turns attempting to preserve TP.

Triangle Strategy Guide: Panels

Triangle Strategy gameplay
Gameplay (Nintendo)

Blue Panels are within movement range, but not attack range, for the enemy. Purple Panels are inside the opponent’s attack range and movement range. Enemies that can attack the unit are shown by red lines.

Placing your army

Triangle Strategy might not allow you to place your troops anywhere you want before a fight begins, but you are given a limited amount of space to move them. So it’s important to get your troops sorted how you want them, especially on harder difficulties.

Your front-line units should consist of Roland, Seranoa, and Erador as they face off against enemy forces with the support of your mages. Anna and Hughette, your two scouts, should try to flank from a different angle.

The game recommends you what to choose for the fight

Triangle Strategy combat
Gameplay (Nintendo)

When you open your unit roster before combat, you’ll see that the game has highlighted the troops it thinks will be most useful in the next conflict. You are free to disregard this advice, but these suggestions are typically correct, and it is best to follow them until you are certain you understand what you’re doing. 

If you need someone to build ladders in your next battle, the game will make sure to highlight a unit that can do it. So you don’t have to take the long way around a cliff because the game will help you in your battle.

Know Your Units

If you view your party members’ lists at your encampment, you will be able to see detailed summaries on each and every one of them that will tell you everything you need to know. This will show you the weapons you have, the accessories you’re wearing, and what each fighter can do. Your battle success will increase if you familiarize yourself with your party’s strengths and weaknesses.

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Take advantage of the surroundings

Advantages by the surroundings
High advantage (Nintendo)

Using the high ground to get an edge over your opponents is critical in Triangle Strategy, and assaulting from an elevated position will even offer you an offensive advantage. Put your fighters in positions that lift them above their opponents wherever feasible to offer them an edge. In a close game, this might make the difference between a victory and a defeat.

Upgrade the weapons carefully

Triangle Strategy gameplay
Gameplay (Nintendo)

In Triangle Strategy, weapon upgrades are essential for toughening up your forces, but they’re also incredibly expensive. You’ll need to furnish the blacksmith with the needed resources, such as Stone, Timber, or Fiber, in addition to paying a minimum of 500 coins for each improvement. These materials can be collected through level exploration as well as spoils from fighting. 

However, you’ll very certainly have to buy them from the Encampment merchant as well, especially because the number of necessary resources increases dramatically after your initial improvement. As a result, you’ll want to think about your alternatives before proceeding with an update.

Triangle Strategy Guide: Quietus Skills

When you acquire access to the Sundry Shop in the Encampment early in the game, you’ll obtain Quietus, which are effectively one-use talents that may provide you a considerable edge in battle.

Extra turns, bulk healing, and guaranteed critical strikes on your next turn are among the new Quietus talents available in the Sundry Shop for Kudos. These talents may only be used once every fight, but they’re highly strong, especially as you gain more Quietus points and unlock the ability to utilize multiple skills at once.

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Grid System is a great help

Red grids
Red grids (Nintendo)

The grid on which you combat reveals which places are safe for you to hold, with out-of-reach squares colored blue and purple squares indicating that you are vulnerable to opponent attacks. Furthermore, panning over a grid square will show you how many opponents will be able to attack you if you choose to go there, thanks to helpful red attack lines.

As you aim around at adversaries with magic strikes, grid squares glow red, indicating where your fire, ice, and lightning will land and how much of the battlefield they’ll affect. It’s quite useful!

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