There are a lot of things in Lost Ark’s Phantomwing Island. Do not worry if you are not aware of it. Read our Phantomwing Island Guide.

Phantomwing Island is a magical place filled with gorgeous Phantom Butterflies. Only when Adrinne appears does the island’s entrance open. For many gamers, the Lost Ark Phantom Wing Island is difficult to find, which is generating problems when attempting to find it. It’s part of the adventure islands, which are scheduled events in Raiders of the Lost Ark when an island rises from the sea, offering players a limited amount of time to complete missions and goals.

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How to get the Phantomwing Island

Phantomwing Island location
Phantomwing Island location (YouTube)

To begin, you’ll need Lost Ark ships to locate this location. Before facing the trials of this adventure island, you must have attained combat level 50 and equipped item level 250, implying that you should be in the end-game. Phantomwing Island is located slightly north of Papunika, a tiny continent, and southeast of Rohendel. If you go from Papunika to get there, once you reach the Eye of Hypnos, continue a short distance and the island will be seen.

It’s worth mentioning that, being an adventure island, you won’t be able to access it at all times, and it’ll only spawn during specific times of the week. So, you won’t be able to earn the Island Token every day. To find out when the island will spawn, look at your Procyon’s Compass, which is placed immediately under the minimap in the top right corner. You may also monitor the area chat, as other players will most likely report it if it appears.

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Phantomwing Island Guide: Quests and Rewards

Phantomwing Island  rewards
Island rewards (YouTube)

There are around five quests on this island. 

  • “The Island Where Illusions Grow” quest given by Adras. You will get Legendary – Uncommon Card Pack x3, Pirate Coin x500, Silver x3,000 as rewards.
  • “The Guide Amongst the Illusions” quest given by Melissa. You will get Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x3, Pirate Coin x1,500, Silver x5,000 as rewards.
  • “The Duty of the Last Knight” quest given by Adrinne. You will get, Rare Battle Engraving Recipe Selection Pouch x3, Pirate Coin x3,000, Silver x9,000 as rewards.
  • “For Adrinne” quest given by Guard Captain Saiki. You will get a Rare Engraving Recipe Selection Chest (Class-Exclusive) x2, Silver x13,000, Gold x200 as rewards.
  • “Adrinne of Light and Darkness” quest given by Guard Captain Saiki. You will get Silver x372 as a reward.
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Phantomwing Island Guide: Island Token

To begin the process of acquiring the Island Token, you must first arrive at the Lost Ark Phantomwing Island and accomplish certain objectives throughout the island. To begin, talk with Melissa, who will assign you the duty of tracking down butterfly trails across the island. You can easily follow the map and discover all three locations, which will then trigger a cutscene.

Phantomwing Island token
Phantomwing Island Token (YouTube)

Following this scenario, chat with Adrinne, who requests that you harvest phantom plants from a nearby cave. Return to her to complete the quest and begin a new one, in which she requests that you locate her weapon. When you try to pick it up, it’s near one of the cave openings, and you’ll have to chat with a man named Creon. He will lead you to the island’s Guard Captain, who will ask you about seeing Adrinne on the island. Return to Adrinne after drawing the sword once again.

After that, return to the Guard Captain and gather twenty Phantomwings in the island’s indicated region. This will start a boss fight with Adrinne, which may be done in a group. You must hit her through three phases until she summons a tornado. If you enter this vortex, you will be sent to her new position, where you may continue the fight. Repeat this method three times more until you’ve defeated her and finished the quest A Thousand Fluttering Nights and Days.

When Adrinne is defeated, she may drop the Island Token, but it is based on RNG, thus you may have to retry the quest a few times before receiving it. Aside from that, the fight is worth repeating since you can get a secret map, a rune of protection, and an Adrinne card.

How to get Mokoko Seeds on Phantomwing Island?

mokoko seeds location
Mokoko seeds location (Papunikia)

Mokoko Seeds are a delightful item in Lost Ark, and there are presently around 1200 of them accessible. Phantomwing Island has two Mokoko Seeds to locate. See the above map for the locations.

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