Cookie Run Kingdom Guide – 10 Tips For Beginners

New to the Cookie Run Kingdom? Read our Cookie Run Kingdom beginners guide that has some of the best tips and tricks.

Ever wondered if you could fight with cookies? Well, this is true, in the Cookie Run Kingdom, you will have lots of cookies you can fight with. Cookie Run Kingdom is a large RPG and war simulator that combines city-building and RPG elements. The player takes on the role of one-of-a-kind cookies in this game. As the player continues, the cookie’s abilities will develop. 

The gameplay is separated into two categories: Kingdom Development and Adventure. Treasures will assist the player if they become stuck in a stage, whether by buffing their cookies or damaging the opponents. Players can get resources to improve their character’s skills by finishing stages or using production facilities. If you are new to the game, read our Cookie Run Kingdom beginners guide.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Beginners Guide: Variety of cookies

When putting together a team of cookies, you’ll find that there is a large variety of cookies. Each cookie has a position in the battle: Rear, Middle, and Front. Not only this, but they have different fighting styles too (Bomber, Ranger, Support, Healer, Ambush, Magic, Charger, Defense). This is not something very hard. You will learn about them as you play further in the game.

Have a balanced team

Now that you know the different classes and the positions of the cookies, it’s time to balance your team. You must have a balanced team to battle; but, if you are unfamiliar with RPG class dynamics, you may always hit “Auto” in the squad lobby, and the game will optimize your squad for you.

Cookie Run: Kingdom gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Cookie Run Kingdom Beginners Guide: Crystals

Crystals are one of the most important parts of Cookie Run Kingdom. While you can buy crystals with real money, the game is kind enough to let you earn them, sometimes in large numbers.  Crystals can be obtained as prizes for completing levels, completing quests, and engaging in everyday activities. Sometimes the creators will give you 3000 Crystals or other goodies. This will happen when the game gets a certain milestone.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Beginners Guide: Soulstones

Soulstones are the nightmare of any player that plays gacha mechanic games. We know that collecting soulstones are hard and very boring job. Having said that, it is worth acquiring. If you have enough soulstones for a cookie that you do not possess, you can use them to immediately unlock it. If you already own that cookie, and you have more soulstones for them, then you can use them to boost its popularity by a one-star level. This provides a significant overall stat increase to the cookie.

cookie run kingdom gameplay
Gameplay (YouTube)

Your starting squad is great

In lots of games, the starting squad or characters are not good enough. Players often try not to spend too much on them to upgrade. However, this is not the case in Cookie: Run Kingdom. In the beginning, don’t be scared to spend toppings and Star Jellies on the Starter Squad. Completing worlds and levels in three-star order is the best method to acquire crystals. This means that you have no option but to battle. The started squad is not that bad, it will help you to earn three stars if used the right way.

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Toppings will give an advantage

Toppings are always fun, whether in real life or in games. Chocolate Chips, for example, is a type of topping that gives your Cookie a stat boost. Give your cookies toppings that match their abilities, and keep upgrading them. When you’re doing this, remember to put your primary squad first. When you match the perfect toppings with a cookie, it will be the strongest.

Upgrade the cookies

Every game characters need upgrades, and so do the cookies. Skill Powders can be utilized to strengthen the specific abilities of each Cookie. You can obtain these powders by completing various missions in your kingdom or by completing Daily Bounties. If you increase your Cookie’s special power, they will be more powerful when battling Cake Monsters, giving you a substantial edge in battle.

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Equip treasures

Equipping the treasures will never be boring. Treasures can be gained either via the story or with the use of a gacha machine. All of these treasures can be discovered under the Treasures Tab. Many of them will have incredibly useful abilities, such as reviving a fallen Cookie, increasing the protection of all cookies, and lowering the defenses of enemies. Each cookie can have three Treasures equipped at any given time.

Cookie Run Kingdom view
Cookie Run: Kingdom view (YouTube)

Use crystals for the production

We know that you want crystals for the cookies, but trust us, using them for production will also be very beneficial. With so many methods to get crystals, utilizing a few hundred to lengthen the manufacturing queue for highly specialized structures might be advantageous. Early on, mining sugar cubes for the Smithy’s tool construction can be a time-consuming process. Because you won’t obtain a second Sugar Quarry until your castle reaches level 5, it’s worth spending crystals to gain an extra one or two queue spots.

Collect daily rewards

Every day, Cookie Run: Kingdom offers away a lot of free items. If you have a notice on the envelope that is on the top right-hand side, you can collect free items. So it’s good to check. Each day, a free item is there in the SHOP menu, under the Necessities tab. Furthermore, there is also a Daily Gifts option at the bottom of the screen that can award you Soulstones and Toppings.

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