Cookie Run Kingdom – A Complete Class Guide

Want to know about the classes in the Cookie Run Kingdom? Our Cookie Run Kingdom Class guide will help you out.

In this RPG game, you will have to fight as cookies. These cookies come in different classes and have different abilities in the game. It depends on your gameplay and choice that which class is best for you. However, to know about all the classes in the game, we have a Cookie Run Kingdom Class guide for you. Read the guide below and decide the best class for yourself.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Class Guide


Cookies in this class have magic attacks that can attack a single target. It also stuns the enemies so that you can attack them very easily. It is recommended to place the magic cookies either in the middle or in the rear row. This is because they can deal with their magic attacks from behind and stay safe. 

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Charge cookies are the ones who stay at the front lines in the battles. They have good attack power and deal lots of damage to the enemies. They also have quick cooldowns so they are best to charge at enemies. Boosting their attack speed and HP will make them very dangerous to the enemies. 

Dark cacao cookie
Dark Cacao cookie is a great charge cookie (CRK fandom)
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These cookies are opposite to the Charge class. They soak up all the damage given by the enemies and protect your team. They provide a great defense to the team by giving shields and kind of help in healing the teammates. This class is a must in the team if you are looking for a victory. 


If you like to attack like assassins, then use Ambush cookies. The cookies from this class usually stay in the middle or rear rows and have abilities to attack and deal massive damage to the enemies. These cookies will help you to attack enemies that are out of your reach. Their builds allow them to focus only on dealing high-damage damage. They also have AoE strikes from the air.


You can attack with these cookies, however, they are meant to heal all the teammates. Without a healer, it is not possible to win the battles. If your main charge cookie or defense cookie has low HP, the healing cookie will help them to heal and let them continue to attack and block the enemies. 


You can use the support cookies as ranged cookies too. They help to buff your team with their skills. Their main focus is buffs, debuffs, and regeneration. Do not think that they will be alongside in attacking with the charge cookies. They do not have a great ability to do that. They will just support you with the buffs and debuffs. So keep them safe and make use of their abilities as much as possible.

Parfait cookie
Parfait cookie is a great support cookie (CRK fandom)
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Bombers help you to attack enemies in groups. They deal very high damage to the enemies. Not only that, but it also deals some debuff to the enemies. All this makes the bombers a very crucial part of the team. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to improve its attack speed. This will surely make them deadly.

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