Smite Yu Huang Guide – 5 Things You Should Know

We have brought you the Smite Yu Huang guide. Below are the five things about this god that you should know.

Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena game in which players can control many mythological figures, gods, and goddesses. In this free-to-play game, using the abilities and tactics you can take part in team-based combat. You will fight against other players who will also control the characters similar to yours. There will be non-player-controlled minions too.

The thing that makes this game even more wonderful is the third-person view. Most games of this genre are of top-down view, but Smite’s third-person view is just amazing. You have a large variety of characters to choose from and battle with other players. Jade Emperor Yu Huang is one of the newest gods in the game. To know more about him, read our Smite Yu Huang Guide below that will tell you 5 things you should know about him.

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Smite Yu Huang Guide

The Jade Emperor

Yu Huang comes from the stories of the Chinese pantheon of gods. He is an important figure in Chinese mythology known as the Heavenly Grandfather and Jade Emperor. Yu Huang ascends to rule as the Jade Emperor in the Heavens after his ruling as an emperor on earth.

Erlang Shen’s maternal uncle

Many few people know about this. Yu Huang is Erlang Shen’s maternal uncle. Just imagine the power Yu Huang has and what he is capable of. We know what Erlang Shen can do and what power it possesses. 

Keeping this in mind, Yu Huang is surely a god who can not be defeated easily. Erlang Shen slaughtered the people who were plagued by demons and monsters in order to keep his countrymen safe. No evil can harm the innocents or the empire when Erlang Shen stands with a three-bladed spear in his hand and a dog who just hunts by his side.

A mage with strong attacks

Yu Huang joins Ao Kuang, Chang’e, Da Ji, Erlang Shen, Guan Yu, He Bo, Hou Yi, Jing Wei, Mulan, Ne Zha, Nu Wa, Sun Wukong, Xing Tian, and Zhong Kui as he is a Chinese god. He is a mage that prefers using strong attacks with short cooldowns to keep his opponents at bay. Master Of The Dao, his passive ability, is the centerpiece of his arsenal. It’s critical to find out how to effectively manage the passive gauge, which, when full, allows the player to unleash massive amounts of damage.

Yu Huang
Yu Huang (Sony)
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Great Passive

Yu Huang’s passive is Dao which is a resource management skill. He can attune himself to the Dao giving additional effects to his abilities and basic attacks. He gets a stack of Dao every 15 seconds. Additionally, he can gain more stack by hitting an enemy when he has not taken or dealt any damage for 3 seconds. After gaining 6 stacks or more than that, this god becomes Attuned. By this, he can chain to one additional enemy with his basic attacks.

Game Changer Ultimate

Yu Huang’s Ultimate is Deuling Dragons. When Yu Huang is attuned, it has an incredible damage potential. He summons the pearl dragon by manifesting a massive surge of dragon-shaped energy. He has only 3 seconds to aim the energy at the pearl dragon. Once these collide, it will create a massive explosion in the area. This can be a game-changer for you.

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Smite Yu Huang with his dragon
Yu Huang with his dragon (Sony)

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