Can you catch the Pokemon Go spectrier? Is spectrier good for raids? Find out everything.

The new Pokemon Go season features many ultra beasts in raids. The ghost-type Pokemon, Spectrier is a legendary unit. Spectrier appears rarely in the game and the Pokemon doesn’t feature in tier raid battles as well. Trainers can find Spectrier in the Galar region and the spawn rate is low. Galar doesn’t hatch from eggs and this is another challenge for players.

Spectrier is an ultra beast and a top-tier attacker. Unlike other pocket monsters, the ghost-type Pokemon will not be easy to catch even with resources and battle items. A Pokemon like Spectrier will be a top pick for the Go Battle League and special events. Here’s all about Pokemon Go Spectrier, Shiny Spectrier and Moves.

How to Catch Pokemon Go Spectrier?

Spectrier Pokemon

There are not many ways to catch a Spectrier. Pokemon Go players can obtain this Pokemon through raids. The other way is to explore the wild regions of galar and use incense and berries to get a Spectrier. These are the only ways to get Spectrier. The Pokemon is a strong attackers and can be used for every raid in the game.

Pokemon Go Spectrier – Stats, Skills, Weaknesses & Counters

Spectrier is a strong ghost-type Pokemon and it gets boosted stats during the fog weather. Spectrier has high AtK and Stamina. Though it’s defense is not great, the Pokemon will be a strong counter for raid battles and gym battles.

Spectrier is strong against Pokemon with powers like Fighting, Normal, Poison and Bug. The ghost-type pocket monster is vulnerable against Ghost and Dark elements in the raid. Spectrier has plenty of Fast and Charged moves. The best skills are,

  • Tackle – The normal-type fast move is the main skill for Spectrier 
  • Shadow Ball – Shadow Ball is a ghost-type charged attack and this deals more than 100 dps

These 2 skills enhance the damage rate for Spectrier. To counter Spectrier in raids, you have to utilize the best units. Here are the top 3 Pokemon to beat the Spectrier raid,

Mega Rayquaza 

The dragon and flying Pokemon is the top counter to defeat Spectrier. The legendary Pokemon has insane attacks with high stats. Mega Rayquaza will be a beast during the Windy weather.

  • Best Skills -Dragon Ascent, Dragon Tail

Mega Tyranitar

The mega form of Tyranitar will be a rage against Ghost-type units. Mega Tyranitar has the powers of Rock and Dark. Mega Tyranitar is strong in both attacks and defense and will be another ideal pick against the Spectrier raid.

  • Best Skills – Smack Down, Bite, Brutal Swing

Mega Banette

The Mega Banette is a ghost-type unit and it excels in heavy attacks. The Fog weather boosts its damage and attacks. With the best shield, you can endure attacks and overcome the Spectrier raid battle.

  • Best Skills – Shadow Ball, Shadow Claw, Hex

Is Shiny Spectrier available in Pokemon Go?

Spectrier doesn’t have a shiny form. It will be available in upcoming raids, but the catch rate for a shiny Spectrier will only be 5/20 and trainers can utilize battle items to get one. Spectrier doesn’t have an evolution form in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Go spectrier moves, counters and playing style. With the best counters, you can complete all Pokemon Go boss raid battles efficiently.


What’s the Strategy to Win Pokemon Boss Raids?

Using a legendary Pokemon is important. Also, you have to utilize the strongest skills and battle items for Pokemon. Hidden abilities can be used as well. Pokemon with high stats and CP will be a great pick to defeat bosses in raids. You have to counter the opposing Pokemon with elements that they are vulnerable to to get an advantage.

How to Get Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Pokemon rarely spawns in the wild. The spawning rate for these forms are low when compared to the normal wild Pokemon. But you can use berries and incense to boost your chances of getting a shiny Pokemon in the game.

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