Are you struggling to win the Pokemon Stakataka Raid? Find out the top counters and moves.

Pokemon Go World of Wonders season ends soon and the new Shared Skies season will feature Ultra Beasts and Flying Pokemon. The final weekly raids are out and trainers have a chance to defeat the Ultra Beast, Stakataka. Overcoming boss raid battles against legendary units is a challenging task in Pokemon Go. Five-star and three-star battles have always been more challenging than other raids in the game.

Stakataka is a dual-type legendary Pokemon that boasts powers of Rock and Steel elements. It’s also hard for trainers to beat Stakataka during Snow and Partly Cloudy weather. Just like other pocket monsters, you can beat Stakataka by exploiting its weaknesses. Here’s all about the Pokemon Go Stakataka raid, strategies and counters.

Pokemon Stakataka Raid 

Stakataka raid
Stakataka Pokemon

Stakataka is a legendary beast with high Atk and Def. You can beat Stakataka by unleashing Fighting, Water and Ground units. The Pokemon also has x2 weakness against Fighting and Ground Pokemon. Also, you can only beat Stakataka with 2-4 trainers. Going solo will result only in a defeat against this monstrous ultra beast. Here are the top counters to win the Stakataka raid,

Mega Blaziken

Mega Blaziken has a record number of wins in boss raids and will be the best pick for this raid. The fire and fighting powers of Mega Blaziken will be lethal for every unit. It can burn targets and launch massive attacks as well. Mega Blaziken’s high stats make this a top counter to beat Stakataka. It also has some powerful skills in its kit.

  • Best Moves – Counter,  Blast Burn, Fire Spin

Mega Heracross 

The Mega Heracross is a top-ranked bug and fighting unit in the game. Mega Heracross has powerful moves, control and accuracy. You can use Mega Heracross to defeat Stakataka during Rain and Cloudy weather. With enough experience in tier raid battles, Mega Heracross is another top counter for the Pokemon Stakataka raid.

  • Best Moves – Struggle Bug, Megahorn, Counter

Primal Groudon 

Primal Groudon is another ultra beast with great stats. With powers of Ground and Fire, Primal Groudon is destructive against units like Stakataka and attacks fiercely. Primal Groudon attacks quickly and has a powerful shield. The Pokemon is effective during Sunny weather and its special skills offer buffs. 

  • Best Moves – Precipice Blades, Mud Shot, Fire Punch, Dragon Tail

Shadow Garchomp

Shadow Garchomp is an ideal pick for Pokemon boss raids. It has a high CP along with top skills in the kit. Shadow Garchomp deals dragon and ground attacks and stuns targets during raids. With the best moves, Shadow Garchomp will debuff targets and make them vulnerable.

  • Best Skills – Dragon Tail, Earth Power, Outrage


The regular form of Groudon is a top-tier pick to beat Stakataka. Groudon is a Ground-type legendary Pokemon and it has fast attacks. Groudon can be best used during Sunny weather. Groudon’s skills grant multiple buffs and you can maximize its powers by using these during raids.

  • Best Skills – Mud Shot, Precipice Blades, Earthquake

Mega Swampert

Mega Swampert is another top-tier dual-type Pokemon. It has powers of water and ground and becomes a nightmare against targets. Mega Swampert gets boosted damage during Rain and Sunny weather.

  • Best Skills – Hydro Cannon, Mud Shot, Water Gun

These are the best counters and skills to overcome attacks of Stakataka Pokemon. All these Pokemon have a high winning ratio and you can win the raid easily.


Is Shiny Stakataka Available?

No, Stakataka doesn’t have a shiny form. But trainers can catch the normal Stakataka in the wild as the spawn rate has been boosted. Many Pokemon have a shiny form, but Stakataka has not received one.

Is it Hard to Beat Stakataka ?

Yes, Stakataka is a monstrous unit with strong skills and CP. But you can counter Stakataka with the top moves and strategies. You can exploit Stakataka’s weaknesses and win the raid easily.

How to win Pokemon Go Raid Battles?

Using a legendary Pokemon is important. Also, you have to utilize the strongest skills and battle items for Pokemon. Hidden abilities can be used as well. Pokemon with high stats and CP will be a great pick to defeat bosses in raids. You have to counter the opposing Pokemon with elements that they are vulnerable to to get an advantage.

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