The Pokemon Unite Scorching Waves update is out. Find out all the patch notes for the v1.14.2.10 update. These Pokemon buffs and nerfs are insane.

The new Pokemon Unite season has begun and players can utilize the best Pokemon and battle items to dominate the ranked leagues. Makers have released the new patch notes for season 20 of Pokemon Unite. The update includes lots of buffs and nerfs along with other additions to features as well.

Pokemon Unite patch update version is live and it’s been titled as Scorching Waves. Many Pokemon have received huge buffs for skills and some get their nerfs as well. Pokemon Unite v1.14.2.10 also focuses on gameplay updates, fixes, and new events. The Pika Party event quick battles will return to the game as well and you can complete these easily. Here’s all about Pokemon Unite Scorching Waves update, content and gameplay changes.

Pokemon Unite Scorching Waves Update

Map Path

Top-tier Pokemon like Slowbro, Blaziken and Leafeon have received multiple buffs and nerfs. With skills and held items, you can unleash the build for Pokemon. Here’s everything included in the Pokemon Unite patch update,


The new buffs make Slowbro an ideal pick for the competitive mode.

  • Slack Off – HP recovery rate is increased 
  • Surf – Cooldown reduces to 7s
  • Scald – Attack Reduction increases from 40% to 60%


Absol gets a massive damage boost and it will be a beast.

  • Pursuit – Damage from the Front is Doubled 
  • Psycho Cut – Damage rate increases by 50%


Venusaur gets boosted stats and will be a top pick for the meta.

  • Sludge Bomb – Base damage increases by.20% and poison damage will increase by 50%. The Special Defense reduction effect will be increased by 10%

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime will receive an increased mobility and hp rate.

  • Power Swap – Movement Speed increased from 8% to 10% and the Healing rate is increased by 22%


Duraludon is a top-tier ranged attacker and the Pokemon gets plenty of buffs in the new update.

  • Flash Cannon – Attack Speed increases by 100% while using the moveset
  • Dragon Pulse – Damage increases while using charged attack 
  • Stealth Rock – This grants a shield after getting attacked by opponents 
  • Revolving Ruin – Ray Damage and Fire Damage are increased. Revolving Ruin knocks backs targets


Mimikyu’s buff increases its resistance throughout the combat.

  • Shadow Sneak – Cooldown increases by a second
  • Play Rough – Slow effects will be increased by 10%
  • Shadow Claw – The HP recovery rate increases by 20%


Blaziken’s hp and healing rate are buffed and its endurance will be more.

  • Blaze – Hp recovery rate of Max hp is increased 
  • Blaze Kick – Cooldown reduced to 9s
  • Focus Blast – Cooldown reduced to 8s


Garchomp has been one of the best units for ranked leagues. The new patch update brings in a huge damage boost for the Pokemon 

  • Earthquake – Damage rate for the skill is doubled 
  • Dragon Rush – Cooldown will be reduced 
  • Dig – Damage stats will be higher

Nerfed Pokemon

Pokemon Unite Scorching Waves

Many Pokemon have reduced stats and this will lower their powers and performance during combat. Here are all the Pokemon that received nerfs,


  • Trick – HP based on damage dealt will reduce by 60%


  • Chlorophyll – Movement Speed will reduce by 5% when the skill is used


  • Horn Leech – Cooldown increases to 9s
  • Curse – Damage reduced by 7%
  • Wood Hammer – Damage and Cooldown reduced


  • Sand Tomb – Damage reduced by 10%
  • Stone Edge – Damage reduced by 10%
  • Tyrannical Rampage – Damage reduced by 2%


  • Swords Dance – Cooldown increased from 7s to 8.5s


  • Electro Drift – Damage is reduced by 5% and it will be reduced by 10% when it’s increased by a skill.

These are the major buffs and nerfs for Pokemon Unite patch update. The scorching waves update is the best in recent times as many Pokemon have received multiple buffs. Also, Pokemon Unite players can participate in the Pika Party event from June 22, 2024. This 4v4 quick mode allows players to utilize the electric Pokemon, Pikachu. Also, these hidden gems are effective for beginners.

That’s everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite Scorching Waves update, patch notes and content. The new secret gift code is out as well and you can maximize rewards. The best map path always helps and these Jungler tips are highly recommended as well.


How to Get Pokemon Unite Battle Items?

You can unlock Battle Items by increasing trainer ranks. In Pokemon Unite, new battle items are unlocked as you increase trainer rank levels. Also, some battle items can be unlocked through special events in the game.

Does Pokemon Unite Tier List Help?

Yes, tier list in Pokemon Unite helps trainers find the top-rated units for ranked and PvP battles. Tier list features the best and worst Pokemon in the game. But with every upgrade, a Pokemon becomes stronger and their ratings will improve as well.

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