Are you struggling to collect Palworld berry seeds? Scroll down and find the best ways to farm these resources.

In Palworld, players travel along with companions called Pals. To survive against features, craft resources and complete tasks, you have to hire the best Pals. Players can tame Pals and catch them, or breed them with a combination of pals with eggs. Resources like Coal, Seeds and Flowers are primarily used at bases. Berry Seeds is a material that’s mainly used to harvest red berries.

With Berry Seeds, you can farm Red Berries and use it for cooking recipes like Cake, Baked Berries and Jam-Filled Bun. Berry Seeds can be obtained in multiple ways just like other Palworld resources. Some Grass-type Pals unlimited Berry Seeds after you tame them in the wild. Here’s all about Palworld Berry Seeds and uses.

Best Ways to Get Palworld Berry Seeds

Berry Seeds are mainly used in the Berry Plantation. You can farm Berry Seeds in different ways. Here are the recommended methods to get Palworld Berry Seeds,

Palworld berry seeds
  • Berry Seeds can be farmed from Red Berries
  • You can get Berry Seeds from Wandering Merchants. The trader will exchange Berry Seeds for Gold Coins
  • Hunting down Alpha Boss Pals like Lifmunk and Gumoss is another way to acquire berry seeds. Lifmunk pal has the powers of grass and Gumoss is a Grass and Ground type Pal. You can hunt down these creatures with fire-type Pals.
  • You can collect berry seeds from Red Berry bushes all over the Palpagos Island

These are the primary ways to farm infinite red berries in the game. Berry seeds are used at farms for planting other resources and ingredients.

How to Use Palworld Berry Seeds?

Berry Seeds are used in berry plantation. The Berry Plantation is a structure that’s available at Palworld Tech Tier level 5. With 2 points and resources like Berry Seeds, Wood and Stone, you can build a Berry Plantation. With Berry Seeds, you can grow red berries. Pals with Planting and Watering skills can be used for these tasks.

These are the only uses of Palworld berry seeds. These seeds are the main source for farming Red Berries. Palworld players can use Red Berries as ingredients to craft recipes like Stewed Galeclaw, Marinated Mushrooms, Chikipi Saute and Herb Roasted Lamball. These consumable ingredients will grant bonus buffs to your Pals in Palworld battles.

That’s everything you need to know about the best ways to get and use Palworld berry seeds. Just like Diamonds and Gold Keys, you can use Berry as well.


How to beat Palworld Alpha Boss Pals?

Palworld Alpha pals are legendary pals. To beat these boss pals, you can join with a friend or use the strongest equipment along with the best pals. Beating alpha pals is challenging and you will be able to farm rare resources after defeating them.

How to Get Technology Points in Palworld?

In Palworld, technology points are important to level up in the tech tier. You can beat bosses, level up your characters, open treasure chests and complete quests to get them.

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