Pokemon Trading Card Game Online: Top 10 Budget Deck Builds That Can Still Win

Which are the best budget decks for Pokemon TCG Online? Find out the top 10 effective and affordable TCG decks.

The Pokemon universe is vast and powerful. With thousands of Pokemon from all generations and locations, trainers can pick their Pokemon and explore the wild to hunt down all creatures. Catching Pokémon gets easier with Pokeballs and Berries. Pokemon games have different genres like adventure, RPG, action and card-battler as well.

Pokemon Card-based games have become popular since the launch of TCG. Moreover, Pokemon TCG Online features cards from all expansions. A player can choose a card along with energy boosters, trainer cards and more to battle against opponents. You can dominate the Pokemon TCG games with the best budget decks.

Choosing a cheap deck in TCG is a great idea as there are plenty of cards and boosters in cheaper decks as well. Finding competitive and budget decks for Pokemon TCG Online is a tricky challenge. Here’s all about Pokemon TCG Online deck building, cheap decks and battle guide.

Pokemon TCG Online – 10 Best Budget Decks

Iron Crown ex

The Iron Crown ex deck features powerful dragon units and skills. With top-rated cards and boosters, Iron Crown ex is one of the best meta decks for Pokemon TCG Online. The deck has Iron Hands and Iron Hands ex as basic Pokemon along with trainer cards and items like Nest Ball and Techno Radar.


Though this Klawf deck is not in the meta, it can be effective. The price is low and it features high-profile Pokemon like Klawf, Spiritomb, Bidoof. The deck also features Double Turbo Energy, Town Store and Super Rod.

Iron Miraidon 

Iron Miraidon is an ideal deck for beginners and it can be a good option for meta. It features Miraidon and Miraidon ex from the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With Basic Lightning and Psychic Energy, the deck looks dominant. The deck has Future Booster Energy Capsule as its main held item and also has trainer cards like Larry and Iono.

Tinkaton Ex

Tinkaton Ex is highly recommended for starters. It’s also a cheaper TCG deck with top-tier Pokemon like Tinkatink, Mew Ex, Ceruledge and Charcadet. The deck also features cards like Rescue Board and Nemona’s Backpack along with the Pokeball from Temporal Forces called the Master Ball.


Pokemon Charizard

Charizard is an incredible deck that’s available for an affordable price. The Charizard deck is also the most favorite for TCG fans as it features Charizard ex, Pidgey and Charmander. This deck has Ultra Ball, Forest Steal Stone and Rare Candy. The Charizard deck also has cards for Arven, Iono and

Professor Turo’s Scenario. With multiple Fire Energy cards, the Charizard deck gets stronger.

Lugia Archeops

At a fair price, the Lugia Archeops deck has Snorlax, Mew Ex and Cinccino. Lugia Archeops deck also features Jacq, Mesagoza and Serena. With multiple Poke Balls, this deck is another best pick for Pokemon TCG battles.


The deck with a high winning rate in TCG games is also available at a low cost. Gardevoir deck features Radiant Greninja, Drifloon and Mimikyu. The Deck’s main cards are Arven, Boss’s Orders and Hero’s Cape. Nest Ball, Super Rod and Hisuian Heavy Ball are primary battle items for this deck.

Oinkologne EX

One of the cheapest and strongest Pokemon TCG online decks with a compact budget is only possible with Oinkologne EX. This deck includes Pokemon like Manaphy and Lechonk. The trainer cards like Iono, Artazon, Professor’s Research, Cheren’s Care and Boss’s Orders are featured along with key battle items like Pal Pad and Trekking Shoes.

Great Tusk Mill 

The Great Tusk Mill features Pokemon including Great Tusk Mill, Mawile and Pidgeot V. Counter Catcher, Earthen Vessel and Explorer’s Guidance are the main cards along with the Ancient Booster Energy Capsule. The deck also has Pal Pad, Hero’s Cape and Rescue Board.

Dialga Metang

Dialga Metang features meta Pokemon and legends like Beldum, Radiant Greninja and Zamazenta. The main battle items are Buddy-Buddy Poffin, Prime Catcher, Ultra Ball and Nest Ball. The Technical Machine Evolution and Vitality Band tool cards are included as well. Jacq, Arven, Iono and Irida are the featured trainer cards for this TCG deck.


How to Build a Winning Budget Deck in TCG Online?

The key to win in TCG battles is to use underrated decks with the best set of cards and boosters. You can buy some decks at low budget and get one or two premium decks as well.

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