Is Burning Jealousy the best move in Pokemon games? What’s the use of this skill? Find out everything.

Dominating raids and boss battles Pokemon gets easier with skills. Each Pokemon has many abilities in their kit. A fire-type Pokemon can use fire skills and other skills as well. Some skills are used as main skills and some Pokemon use them as hidden abilities. Burning Jealousy, the fire-type special skill, is deemed as one of the top skills in Pokemon Generation 8 and 9 games.

Burning Jealousy is a lethal skill and is one of the top-tier offensive skills. Fire-type Pokemon can maximize their skills with this move. Pokemon can learn moves through evolution, TM and TR.  Many Pokemon unlock skills at different levels. The Burning Jealousy move is acquired in a different way. Here’s all about Pokemon Burning Jealousy move, effects and more.

Pokemon Burning Jealousy Move 

Burning jealousy Pokemon move

Burning Jealousy is a fire-type move that’s used by Pokemon in Gen 9 games. This special skill burns targets and helps Pokemon dominate the battle. Here’s how the Burning Jealousy moveset works,

  • Pokemon with Burning Jealousy will apply burning affects and attack adjacent targets 
  • Burning Jealousy burns opposite Pokemon that has an increased stat during the turn

That’s how the burning skill works. It buffs your attacks and debuffs enemy’s movement for a while. Burning Jealousy is a raging moveset and can be used for every raid in the game.

How to Unlock Burning Jealousy?

In Pokemon games, trainers can unlock the Burning Jealousy skill through TM. Players in Pokemon Violet and Scarlet can explore the Kitakami region and find the Technical Machine near caves. In the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teal Mask DLC content, the Burning Jealousy is available as TM 195.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor DLC Expansion Pack, you can unlock the Burning Jealousy skill from the Move Tutor, an in-game NPC who will also teach you other moves as well.

Which Pokemon Will Get an Advantage with Burning Jealousy?

Many Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet,  and Sword & Shield use Burning Jealousy as their main skill. Here are all Pokemon that can use this fiery moveset,

  • Magmar
  • Vulpix
  • Litwick
  • Houndoom
  • Ninetales 
  • Skuntank 
  • Lampent
  • Spiritomb

Is Burning Jealousy Powerful?

Yes, Burning Jealousy is a meta skill. This ability can be used to tussle against bosses and gym leaders in Pokemon games. Burning Jealousy ability is also ideal for PvP battles, gym trainer battles and raids. A fire-type skill always increases a Pokemon’s attacks. With the Burning Jealousy, you can inflict double damage and enhance your chances of winning the raid.

That’s everything you need to know about the Pokemon Burning Jealousy move and effects. In Pokemon games, moves like Burning Jealousy and Dragon Cheer have always been the best.


Which Pokemon can use Burning Jealousy?

A fire-type Pokemon can use the burning jealousy skill. This moveset can be used by Pokemon that are strong in offense as well.

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